Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My (un)friend

I have a friend staying with me at the minute.
Not actually sure if she qualifies as a friend actually, but we'll roll with that.
She turned up sometime last week and already I'm asking myself when she's going to leave. 
It doesn't look like she's making any plans to move on anytime soon.
No plans that she's told me about at least.
I wonder if you know her?
She gets around a bit.
From what I hear anyway.
Frankly, she's not even that nice to be around.
She's stubborn, impractical, sassy and very persuasive. 
I'm wondering at this point why I even let her in.
But without fail, she always turns up, exactly at the wrong time.
Really, her timing is impeccable - just when my to-do list has turned into a to-do book and I have deadlines up to my eyeballs.
And she barges in demanding that I put all of that aside and do ridiculous things like clean out the fridge (yes, oh miracle of miracles, that has actually happened) and google what geocaching is. 
Friend, why you no help me write my dissertation? (Chinese accent for that sentence!)
I really need to crack on with that monster.
So for now, even if she refuses to leave, I'm going to just put my fingers in my ears and scream LA LA LA in her face.
In yo face procrastionation.
You're no friend of mine anymore.

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  1. haha! I totally thought you were talking about a real person for the first several sentences and I was all "wow! what if her "friend" sees this blog!" then I felt silly. Very funny.