Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ode to Costco

Costco. Precious Costco.
I love Costco. Precious Costco.
I would live in, precious Costco
If they let me.
Cos' I love Costco. Precious Costco.
(Repeat for as many times as whoever you are with can stand. 
And then do one more round for good measure.)

I made up this song. Can you tell? This is what I sing when we go to Costco. Or when we drive past Costco. Or when someone mentions Costco. Or if I'm eating something from Costco. Or if I think about Costco. (Not really. I only sing it when we go there.) But I love my Costco song. Namely because it combines my love of Costco with the word precious. Precious. Precious is a wonderful word. 

I do not hide the fact that I love Costco. I love it so much that the other day me & Mr.K decided that in the event of some cataclysmic apocalypse style disaster, we will take refuge in Costco. They have everything you could ever need. Even if the whole world outside of Costco is destroyed, you could survive. In fact you could do more than survive. You would even still be able to celebrate your birthday for crying out loud! (Costco carrot cake is the bomb! Bring me slice of that carrot-y heaven and you will earn yourself some major points.) Because think realistically. You'd have food and drink (refillable soda anyone?), ovens to make the food in, cakes, CROISSANTS, beds, sofas, bikes, books, TVs, massage chairs, clothes, shoes, sweets, blankets, cushions, magazines, helium balloon pumps, wrapping paper (important if you have a birthday coming up), stamps, flowers, exercise equipment and you'd be able to make dens at the tops of the shelves! Like they do in Employee of the Month!! Such fun. 

Dear Costco, 
I love you. 
Sincerely yours, 
Beady. Xxx

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