Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Image from BBC.co.uk
Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
And I'm sure if we actually had a fire
(instead we have little wall mounted electric heaters in each room)
 that it would be so delightful. 
And since I have places to go 
(I missed two French lectures today because my car won't go up the hill)
 please don't snow, please don't snow, 

Sunday, 28 November 2010

On it's knees

There is one sure way to bring England to it's knees. When it snows, England comes to a standstill. The tiniest flutter of those precious white flakes (who am I kidding, I don't like the snow. I certainly don't think that it's precious anyway.) and people lock themselves in their houses and go into a mini hibernation until it's all melted away. 

I have to admit, I am probably a little more than guilty of doing this. I just don't the impracticality of it. I explained to Mr.K (who was slightly amused by this idea) when it started snowing yesterday morning, that if it was up to me, when it snows, it would only snow on gardens, parks and other vast expanses of land. Basically, anywhere other than the paths and roads. Because the thing that I like the least about snow is that it means that it takes ages for people to travel anywhere, it's more dangerous and it's just basically very impractical. 

Mr. K & I like to do our bit though. We ventured out of our toasty little house, wrapped up in coats, hats, scarves & mittens to spread grit on our car park and hill. The hill is a monster hill. Steep, steep, STEEP! (The capitals are absolutely necessary here.) So we filled our mixing bowls with salt and marched up the hill several times, spreading our wares along the way. After we'd done this a few times and I had more grit down the back of my nails that I would have liked, we admired our work. In all honesty, it didn't look like it had made the hugest of differences. But the snow was a little patchier, and we felt like we'd given a little service to our neighbours. Win win. 

Friday, 26 November 2010

Hats, Momma & life

I had the day off university today. Momma (can I point out that I call my Momma 'Momma' a lot more in writing than I do to her actual face. Normally it's just Mom. Mom, not Mum) had a day off work. So I drove to Sheffield this morning and we went shopping. We bought a few Christmas presents, a bed sheet and most notably a hat. My Mom bought a hat. Normally, she is not really a hat kind of person. But in about a week we're going on a little holiday, and it will be cold. We'll probably do a lot of walking out in the cold, so we decided that she should buy a hat. She tried on lots of hats and some of them were so funny that I wish that I'd taken pictures. Some of them were ridiculous. Lots of fake fur, massive bobbles on the top and one elasticated one that was made entirely out of silver sequins. I think someone must have sent it by special delivery straight from the 70s. As in the era. After all of the ridiculous possibilities, she tried on a beret. It looked awesome. Berets don't suit me. They don't sit on my head properly. But it looked awesome on my Mom. So she bought it. When we go home my brother's told her that it looked silly. I hope that she doesn't get discouraged. Because I like the hat very much, particularly of my dearest Mothers fair head. 
So far in this blob  entry has covered hats & Momma. I think that I will save life for another day. I do have things to say on life. Philosophical things. Definitely, I will save them for another day. 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Daylight saving time is sometimes pretty sucky. It means that when Mr.K gets up for work in the morning, it's dark. And by the time he gets home from work in the early evening it's dark too. 

Why do we even have daylight savings time anyway? Is it for the farmers? And if it is for the farmers, why don't they just get up an hour later when it gets to the wintery times and keep the time the same for always. That would definitely be helpful to my body clock. It always takes me an absolute age to get used to the clocks being back an hour. It gets annoying when I keep waking up at 6 in the morning instead of regular 7. Who am I kidding. I never get up at 7. (I have to make the most of 1). being a student. It's expected that students sleep late. And 2). not having any kids to wake me up at crazy early hours.)

One thing that I do quite like about time in Britain is that our time is what the rest of the world's time is set against. Like in France its +1, Singapore is +8 and Jamaica is -5. All depending on British GMT. It's good to know that even though Britain (Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves!) doesn't have an empire that is basically half the world anymore, that the whole world still sets it time by us. 

Aside from that little patriotic speech, what I really wanted to talk about (and I don't think that I actually have very much to say about it) is MST. Mormon Standard Time. It's not actually a real time zone or anything official, but it does exist. Oh boy does it exist. Really, it's just because every church activity that is being held in the evening starts at 7:30. Always. I think that there's an unwritten rule. 

MST has another meaning too. Well, not another meaning, it still means Mormon Standard Time. Basically, MST absolutely and completely ingrains itself into most Mormons (note, I say most). And when this happens it means that they are approximately half an hour late for everything. Who knows why it happens. But it does. I might even conduct an experiment....

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I have cordially decided that I do not like the word blog. I'm not sure why. There's just something about it. All bloggish and bloggy. Maybe it's because with such a definite g sound. (g-g-g-g-g I'm trying to remember the phonic strategy for teaching a child the g sound. Nevermind, it will come back to me. Probably in the middle of the night. Or while I'm taking a shower.) 

Anyway, for whatever reason I don't like the word blog I have henceforth decided to use the word blob instead. (Just like I say sandwishes instead of sandwiches and bom instead of bum. Don't judge too harshly.) 

For example, Mr.K might say "what're you doing Bex?" (Yes he does sometimes call me Bex.) 
And I will reply, "Oh, I'm just writing my blob."

Or as another example, I might be speaking to my Momma, and ask, "Did you check out my blob yet today?" 

Blob. I like it. Thank you for reading my blob.

Monday, 22 November 2010


24 years ago, this is what was happening. 
Left to right: Curly Grandad,Uncle Andrew, Uncle Colin, Uncle Patrick.
Nannan, Curly Nannan, beautiful Momma & Aunty Debbie.

I realise that this picture doesn't even have my Dad in it, but this was the only one that I have on my laptop from their wedding day. My Momma was so beautiful. Is so beautiful. 

So today, on the 22nd November 2010, my parents celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. I say celebrated, they didn't have a party or anything, just the family together for dinner and talks. It was nice. 

Next year is the milestone 25 years. (Actually, I think every year is a milestone. But maybe that's just because Mr.K & I haven't even celebrated one wedding anniversary yet.) I can guarantee that next year will be more of a lavish affair. I have plans in my mind already. 25 years deserves a proper celebration. 

In their 24 years of marriage, they've had three children and a son in law. Between them they've had several callings that have demanded a lot of evenings out of the house and several demanding children. (Note: I obviously refer to Richard & Sam here. I was never demanding or any trouble. Ahem.) They've had a few different houses and various employment. Holidays to America, Cornwall, the Caribbean, North Yorkshire and a few other places in between. Basically, they've had a very richly blessed, happy 24 years together. And I can say that, because I know it. They love each other very much. And they've taught me how a husband and wife should treat one another. (The husband giving foot rubs & back scratches on demand. I joke. But seriously.) 

I've already said it a few times today but, Mom, Pops, happy wedding anniversary. 

Sunday, 21 November 2010

What he signed up for.

Yesterday I read something that made me laugh and think in equal measure. Then it made me laugh even more when I told Mr.K about it later and he told me what he'd signed up for.

I'd read on someones blog (obviously not recalling exact events, but her interpretation) about what happens before we come to earth and how we end up with the life that we have. Basically, there's a big meeting in a big white room, where we're all dressed in white and someone at the front is reading out different lives. When we hear one that we like, we excitedly claim it as our own. So with our own free agency we choose what we will encounter in life and are told by the man in white at the front congratulations and good luck.

Mr. K told me what it was that he signed up for.

1). You will be the fourth child in a family of five, with one younger sister and three older brothers.
2). You will play on every sports team available in school.
3). You will wear glasses from the age of five (including some Harry Potter glasses that you will get teased for).
4). You will be in a traumatic car crash on the way home from playing football.
5). You will have someone that will help you through this experience and she will become your wife. (She is very beautiful by the way.)
6). You will have a crazy family of in-laws that love Costco.
7). You will see your Father-in-laws bum more times than you would like.
8). You will work with the dead.
9). You will have a long and loving relationship with your wife whom will make you breakfast in bed from time to time.

I think that the last point is very hopeful. Although now I feel like I have to. Like I was predestined to make Mr.K breakfast in bed. (We'll see!)

I think that he got a good deal anyway.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Apparently Thursday, Friday & Saturday are one too.

No excuse of a funeral this time. Just pure laziness. I'll jump straight into it.
1). On Friday I was thankful for HARRY POTTER. I went to see it on Friday morning with some people from institute and I absolutely LOVED it. I could have quite happily sat and watched the whole thing again straight after. Maybe if I'd have done that I wouldn't have been quite as jumpy. Seriously, one time I jumped so badly that I almost screamed. It was good though. Really, really good. And I definitely approve of them splitting the book into two parts because it meant that they didn't have to skip over so much of the stuff in the book but they could really remain true to it. I'm showing my Harry Potter geek side a little, but I loved it. Because I went to see it while Mr.K was at work, I'm going to go see it again on Wednesday with him. (As a side note, Orange Wednesday is also something that I'm thankful for.)

2). I am thankful that my institute class on Thursday afternoon was awesome. We talked about living a consecrated life and it was really uplifting. Pres. Tunnicliffe is a really great teacher.

3). I'm thankful that we went to Costco today and bought some half a gallon of pancake syrup for 97p. Bargain. And even better than it just been a bargain, I know that I like it because at breakfast yesterday Sister Platt was serving it up with the pancakes that she'd made. I was so happy when I saw it on the shelf this afternoon. And even happier that it was only 97p. I'm not sure if we'll ever get through half a gallon of syrup though. But we'll try. Oh, how we'll try.

4). I'm thankful that Mr. K & I could sleep in this morning. I definitely get to sleep in more often that he does, because obviously he has to be at work at 8:30 every morning and I don't. So I normally feel a little guilty for staying in bed when he has to get up to work. But this morning was lovely because we both slept in until 10:00.

5). I'm thankful that when Mr. K went to see the hand specialist at the hospital yesterday that they told him that even if they can't make his thumb bend again, they can at least make the massive scar that runs along the front and the back of his left arm a bit more aesthetically pleasing. He has a huge scar after a car accident that he was about four and a half years ago. His tyre blew out while he was on the motorway, which sent his car off the road and him out of the back window of the car. I'm also thankful that he didn't get any more seriously injured. He was lucky really.

6). As a final one, I'm thankful that my camera now works again. Now I just need to remember to take it places and to actually take photos.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday roll into one...

Yesterday was the funeral of Mr.K's Aunty Lisza. It was down in Leamington Spa, which is a part of this glorious country that I haven't seen before. I've never met any of Mr.K's Aunties before, include Lisza, so I was just going along to support the family, not to finish my own grieving process. Strange to say, it was a lovely funeral and everyone was really positive about celebrating her life. But, with Leamington Spa being a good two and a half hours away we were out all day. Hence that Tuesday & Wednesday roll into one... On with my thanksgiving project.

1). I'm thankful that today we visiting teachers came to see me. The lovely Rebecca & Natalie. It was really nice to get to know them a little better. And Natalie brought her gorgeous two year old Joseph. He is so CUTE! Although I think as they were leaving I called him Joshua by mistake. Whoops.

2). Yesterday I was thankful for Jake Bland. He's Mr. K's (and mine) friend from home. They grew up together in Grimsby, that's why I say he's Mr.K's friend instead of mine. I love him equally though. Anyway,  Jake is at uni in Warwick, which was 20 minutes away from where the funeral was. So after it had finished, we went to his student house & he made us dinner. Fajitas & chips. Then he gave us a chocolate flake each, two pens and then another pen, some post it notes, and iphone cover, some jelly babies and a hug. It was like a mini Christmas. Random.

3). I'm thankful that yesterday we got to see Mr.K's family & my family. Mr.K's at the funeral & then we stopped in at my parents house on our way back to Leeds. We were only there for an hour, but it was a lovely hour nonetheless. Plus, I managed to smuggle out a bottle of Fanta fruit twist. My favourite I think.

4). I'm thankful that my French is still improving and is better than it was five years ago. I know this because my youngest brother Sam is doing GCSE French and yesterday I was helping him correct some of his work for an oral exam he has to do this week. I was thankful that I was able to help him and I was thankful that I knew enough French to be able to correct it and improve it.

5). I'm thankful that today I'm even closer to finishing my assignment. I've written over 1,100 words now, so I only have about 300 to go now. Wahoo.

Monday, 15 November 2010


Being an English person, I haven't been brought up to celebrate thanksgiving. Well I've definitely been brought up to be thankful, but not to celebrate thanksgiving as a holiday. I'd like to though. Not as a celebration of the pilgrims, because I know absolutely nothing about them, nor do I feel the need to. But the gratitude part of thanksgiving I really like. So starting now, I'm going to begin my little thanksgiving week project. It's a simple thing. But everyday this week I'm going to write five things that I'm thankful for.  Either things that are specific to that day or general things. Here we go.

1). I'm grateful for Mr.K's staff discount. I booked his flights to Montpellier today and being an employee of the Co-op he got 5% off. Which didn't actually save all that much money, but as they say, look after the pennies. Included in this I'm thankful that Mr.K is going to come out for week while I'm on my teacher practice in January. Otherwise I'd miss him so much that I might die. 

2). I'm thankful that it didn't rain torrentially today.

3). I'm thankful that I got to speak to my Momma & Pops today. My Mom is a bit crazy sometimes. And sometimes I remind myself a lot of her. Which is a wonderful thing as far as I'm concerned. Anyway, I just had a little five minute conversation with them that reminded me that they still miss me living in their home. It's nice to be missed sometimes because it reminds you that your loved.

4). I'm thankful that I finally made a start on my assignment this afternoon. Now that I've started that's the worst part taken care of, because it's much more difficult to actually get around to starting than writing the actual essay.

5). I'm thankful that today I had a good hair day & that I got to catch up on Ugly Betty. 

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Mr. K & I have been married for almost four months now. Time has absolutely flown. And in those four months we've slowly been trying to make the little apartment that we rent into a home. It's lacking some of those little finishing touches and personal details that would really make it feel like we live here and like it's our home. Just recently we finally got lampshades in every room. And surprisingly that makes a massive difference. We've got a few things up in the wall, but nowhere near as many as I would like. I want pictures of our families, Mr. K & I as kiddiewinks lovely pictures of us together and in lovely frames. It would be really good to have some curtains. Especially in our bedroom. Because there's a really, really annoying safety light that illuminates our bedroom at night with an annoying orange glow. So our bedroom doesn't get very dark at all. It's surely bad for our sleep pattern. Maybe I wouldn't get grumpy so often if the bedroom was darker & I could sleep better. And mirrors. The only mirrors that we have are the two that are on the cabinets in the bathrooms. They're great for doing make up in, but if I want to check out my outfit before I go out, I either have to jump and get a quick glance or climb up on the bed. Saying that reminds me that I need to change our bedding today. Lots of little touches would make our house feel much more homely.
We went back to my parents house a few weekends ago for lunch and even though we were just sat with the family watching TV, which is just what Mr. K & I do a lot anyway, it felt so much more like we were in a proper home. It was just lovely. (Note: how many time can you use the word lovely in one blog post. Loads.) I like Mr. K's & mine little apartment, and it's a home because we're here together, but it still needs the touches. Still needs the touches.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Post it notes

Yesterday, I went post it note crazy. I now have post it notes on everything from the wall, curtains, oven, tooth brush, laptop and everything in between. I don't just have random post its everywhere for no reason though. There is a purpose. And the purpose is to help me to learn French. And I think it's working. Mr.K keeps randomly testing me and I seem to be able to remember quite a lot of them. So I recommend the post it note method of learning!
I'm just on my little lunch break from university at the minute and before I go back for my afternoon lectures I have quite a lot to do.
1). Put out the wet washing.
2). Finish making notes from my French lecture.
3). Review the presentation I have to give in my lecture this afternoon.
4). Make a list of presents to buy for Mr. K for Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas presents I found two Christmas presents that Mr.K had hidden for me the other day. I found them and a looked at them. Completely ruined the surprise. Then a few days later I completely accidentally stumbled across another present (yes I'm a very lucky girl and I obviously have quite a lot of presents already) while Mr.K was in the room. He made a big fuss about ruining the surprise and then I told him that I'd found another two. He was quite mad with me. Actually, not so much as angry but disappointed. Which is worse. I've promised not to look for anymore presents. And I haven't. And I won't. I want to though. But I won't.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Remember, remember...

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot.

Bonfire night. Another sort of holiday that I really like. I like the jacket potatoes, the hot dogs, the toffee apples, the bonfire toffee. Basically all the bonfire food. And I like wrapping up warm and getting together with loads of friends or family to go to the local bonfire. I love to watch the fireworks. Ever since being a very little girl I've hated the loud bangs that they make, but I love to look at them. Especially ones at a proper firework display. The big, spectacular ones. Not so much the cheap ones you get from the supermarket that bang and then have a little shower of pink or green sparkles. And I love sparklers. I always try to write my name in the wintery air. In fact, in I just generally love any occassion to get together with lots of people that I love and to have lots of nice food.
This bonfire weekend Mr.K's sister is coming to spend the weekend with us. Emily and I are very close in age so I get on with her very well. She's coming to our house straight from finishing work tonight, so I need to start thinking about bonfire treats I'm going to make. I think that tonight we'll go to see the fireworks in Hyde Park & then go on to a party that is been thrown by some of my old housemates. I think they've bought lots of sparklers and even some UV lights, which should be lots of fun. Anyway, before this fun commences I have an essay to start planning and lots of housework to do.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bad News & Good News

The last few days have been busy. Mr. K & I went to my parents house on Sunday for lunch. I always love going back to my parents house. It still feels like home. Well, it is still home. I was absolutely amazed at how much my brother Rich has changed. He is taller, skinner and has a jaw line now! Anyway, while we were at my Mum's house Mr. K got the phone call he's been expected for the last month. His Aunty has cancer and finally on Sunday night the cancer won. Mr. K was a little upset. Not for himself and his own loss & grief but upset for the pain that he knew that his Mum would be feeling. Momma K is a sensitive woman. So on Monday, I had no lectures and Ross took a compassionate day so we could go to Grimsby & spend the day with the family. Despite the circumstances it was actually a very nice day. The funeral is next Tuesday.

Yesterday was another busy day. Tuesdays are always busy. I have a very full day at university. Tuesday is French day though, so I actually quite enjoy it, no matter how much I might complain about it. Anyway, because I'm doing French electives this year, it means that I have the chance to maybe go and do my teaching practice in France this year. I decided that I want to do it. So did everyone else in my class, which is where the problem comes from. There are only 15 spaces to go and 18 people want to fill them. Simple maths says that that isn't possible. So after weeks of waiting, yesterday I finally found out that I was one of the lucky ones. So on January 2nd I fly out to France for a month of teaching FRENCH children in FRENCH. Maybe you think that that's an obvious point to note. But do you have any idea how terrifying that concept is for someone that doesn't speak French & hasn't studied it for 3 years. I'll tell you, it's very terrifying. Luckily for me though, Mr. K served his mission in Southern France, so he speaks fluent French. He helps me a lot. So speaking of my lack of French ability reminds me that I need to go do some more work. A bien tot!