Sunday, 21 November 2010

What he signed up for.

Yesterday I read something that made me laugh and think in equal measure. Then it made me laugh even more when I told Mr.K about it later and he told me what he'd signed up for.

I'd read on someones blog (obviously not recalling exact events, but her interpretation) about what happens before we come to earth and how we end up with the life that we have. Basically, there's a big meeting in a big white room, where we're all dressed in white and someone at the front is reading out different lives. When we hear one that we like, we excitedly claim it as our own. So with our own free agency we choose what we will encounter in life and are told by the man in white at the front congratulations and good luck.

Mr. K told me what it was that he signed up for.

1). You will be the fourth child in a family of five, with one younger sister and three older brothers.
2). You will play on every sports team available in school.
3). You will wear glasses from the age of five (including some Harry Potter glasses that you will get teased for).
4). You will be in a traumatic car crash on the way home from playing football.
5). You will have someone that will help you through this experience and she will become your wife. (She is very beautiful by the way.)
6). You will have a crazy family of in-laws that love Costco.
7). You will see your Father-in-laws bum more times than you would like.
8). You will work with the dead.
9). You will have a long and loving relationship with your wife whom will make you breakfast in bed from time to time.

I think that the last point is very hopeful. Although now I feel like I have to. Like I was predestined to make Mr.K breakfast in bed. (We'll see!)

I think that he got a good deal anyway.

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