Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Mr. K & I have been married for almost four months now. Time has absolutely flown. And in those four months we've slowly been trying to make the little apartment that we rent into a home. It's lacking some of those little finishing touches and personal details that would really make it feel like we live here and like it's our home. Just recently we finally got lampshades in every room. And surprisingly that makes a massive difference. We've got a few things up in the wall, but nowhere near as many as I would like. I want pictures of our families, Mr. K & I as kiddiewinks lovely pictures of us together and in lovely frames. It would be really good to have some curtains. Especially in our bedroom. Because there's a really, really annoying safety light that illuminates our bedroom at night with an annoying orange glow. So our bedroom doesn't get very dark at all. It's surely bad for our sleep pattern. Maybe I wouldn't get grumpy so often if the bedroom was darker & I could sleep better. And mirrors. The only mirrors that we have are the two that are on the cabinets in the bathrooms. They're great for doing make up in, but if I want to check out my outfit before I go out, I either have to jump and get a quick glance or climb up on the bed. Saying that reminds me that I need to change our bedding today. Lots of little touches would make our house feel much more homely.
We went back to my parents house a few weekends ago for lunch and even though we were just sat with the family watching TV, which is just what Mr. K & I do a lot anyway, it felt so much more like we were in a proper home. It was just lovely. (Note: how many time can you use the word lovely in one blog post. Loads.) I like Mr. K's & mine little apartment, and it's a home because we're here together, but it still needs the touches. Still needs the touches.

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