Saturday, 20 November 2010

Apparently Thursday, Friday & Saturday are one too.

No excuse of a funeral this time. Just pure laziness. I'll jump straight into it.
1). On Friday I was thankful for HARRY POTTER. I went to see it on Friday morning with some people from institute and I absolutely LOVED it. I could have quite happily sat and watched the whole thing again straight after. Maybe if I'd have done that I wouldn't have been quite as jumpy. Seriously, one time I jumped so badly that I almost screamed. It was good though. Really, really good. And I definitely approve of them splitting the book into two parts because it meant that they didn't have to skip over so much of the stuff in the book but they could really remain true to it. I'm showing my Harry Potter geek side a little, but I loved it. Because I went to see it while Mr.K was at work, I'm going to go see it again on Wednesday with him. (As a side note, Orange Wednesday is also something that I'm thankful for.)

2). I am thankful that my institute class on Thursday afternoon was awesome. We talked about living a consecrated life and it was really uplifting. Pres. Tunnicliffe is a really great teacher.

3). I'm thankful that we went to Costco today and bought some half a gallon of pancake syrup for 97p. Bargain. And even better than it just been a bargain, I know that I like it because at breakfast yesterday Sister Platt was serving it up with the pancakes that she'd made. I was so happy when I saw it on the shelf this afternoon. And even happier that it was only 97p. I'm not sure if we'll ever get through half a gallon of syrup though. But we'll try. Oh, how we'll try.

4). I'm thankful that Mr. K & I could sleep in this morning. I definitely get to sleep in more often that he does, because obviously he has to be at work at 8:30 every morning and I don't. So I normally feel a little guilty for staying in bed when he has to get up to work. But this morning was lovely because we both slept in until 10:00.

5). I'm thankful that when Mr. K went to see the hand specialist at the hospital yesterday that they told him that even if they can't make his thumb bend again, they can at least make the massive scar that runs along the front and the back of his left arm a bit more aesthetically pleasing. He has a huge scar after a car accident that he was about four and a half years ago. His tyre blew out while he was on the motorway, which sent his car off the road and him out of the back window of the car. I'm also thankful that he didn't get any more seriously injured. He was lucky really.

6). As a final one, I'm thankful that my camera now works again. Now I just need to remember to take it places and to actually take photos.

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