Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday roll into one...

Yesterday was the funeral of Mr.K's Aunty Lisza. It was down in Leamington Spa, which is a part of this glorious country that I haven't seen before. I've never met any of Mr.K's Aunties before, include Lisza, so I was just going along to support the family, not to finish my own grieving process. Strange to say, it was a lovely funeral and everyone was really positive about celebrating her life. But, with Leamington Spa being a good two and a half hours away we were out all day. Hence that Tuesday & Wednesday roll into one... On with my thanksgiving project.

1). I'm thankful that today we visiting teachers came to see me. The lovely Rebecca & Natalie. It was really nice to get to know them a little better. And Natalie brought her gorgeous two year old Joseph. He is so CUTE! Although I think as they were leaving I called him Joshua by mistake. Whoops.

2). Yesterday I was thankful for Jake Bland. He's Mr. K's (and mine) friend from home. They grew up together in Grimsby, that's why I say he's Mr.K's friend instead of mine. I love him equally though. Anyway,  Jake is at uni in Warwick, which was 20 minutes away from where the funeral was. So after it had finished, we went to his student house & he made us dinner. Fajitas & chips. Then he gave us a chocolate flake each, two pens and then another pen, some post it notes, and iphone cover, some jelly babies and a hug. It was like a mini Christmas. Random.

3). I'm thankful that yesterday we got to see Mr.K's family & my family. Mr.K's at the funeral & then we stopped in at my parents house on our way back to Leeds. We were only there for an hour, but it was a lovely hour nonetheless. Plus, I managed to smuggle out a bottle of Fanta fruit twist. My favourite I think.

4). I'm thankful that my French is still improving and is better than it was five years ago. I know this because my youngest brother Sam is doing GCSE French and yesterday I was helping him correct some of his work for an oral exam he has to do this week. I was thankful that I was able to help him and I was thankful that I knew enough French to be able to correct it and improve it.

5). I'm thankful that today I'm even closer to finishing my assignment. I've written over 1,100 words now, so I only have about 300 to go now. Wahoo.

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