Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bad News & Good News

The last few days have been busy. Mr. K & I went to my parents house on Sunday for lunch. I always love going back to my parents house. It still feels like home. Well, it is still home. I was absolutely amazed at how much my brother Rich has changed. He is taller, skinner and has a jaw line now! Anyway, while we were at my Mum's house Mr. K got the phone call he's been expected for the last month. His Aunty has cancer and finally on Sunday night the cancer won. Mr. K was a little upset. Not for himself and his own loss & grief but upset for the pain that he knew that his Mum would be feeling. Momma K is a sensitive woman. So on Monday, I had no lectures and Ross took a compassionate day so we could go to Grimsby & spend the day with the family. Despite the circumstances it was actually a very nice day. The funeral is next Tuesday.

Yesterday was another busy day. Tuesdays are always busy. I have a very full day at university. Tuesday is French day though, so I actually quite enjoy it, no matter how much I might complain about it. Anyway, because I'm doing French electives this year, it means that I have the chance to maybe go and do my teaching practice in France this year. I decided that I want to do it. So did everyone else in my class, which is where the problem comes from. There are only 15 spaces to go and 18 people want to fill them. Simple maths says that that isn't possible. So after weeks of waiting, yesterday I finally found out that I was one of the lucky ones. So on January 2nd I fly out to France for a month of teaching FRENCH children in FRENCH. Maybe you think that that's an obvious point to note. But do you have any idea how terrifying that concept is for someone that doesn't speak French & hasn't studied it for 3 years. I'll tell you, it's very terrifying. Luckily for me though, Mr. K served his mission in Southern France, so he speaks fluent French. He helps me a lot. So speaking of my lack of French ability reminds me that I need to go do some more work. A bien tot!

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