Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween

I have to stay, I do quite like Halloween. As a child, I can only remember going trick-or-treating up and down the street possibly once. My Mum for some reason never really liked us doing that. So most of my halloween memories revolve around going to each different family members homes. Me and my two brothers and our cousins Chris & Chloe would all dress up together, then we would bundle into the car. We'd go to my Nannan's, Uncle Andrew & Aunty Michelle's, Uncle Patrick's & Aunty Julie's & then the pinnacle my Aunty Debbie's. Aunty Debbie would always have put up spooky decorations and have a proper Halloween costume. And she would make little spooky games for us to play. Plus she'd give us loads of sweets too. I absolutely loved it as a child. To be fair, I think that I would love it as an adult too. Good memories.Now I'm older and Halloween no longer means dressing up and knocking on random people's doors or visiting all of my family dressed as a black cat or witch. What I loved about those childhood costumes was that I would literally just have my face painted and basically wear a black bin bag and KAPOW! I was a cat or witch. I look forward to dressing my kids in bin liners.
The sad thing about Halloween is year that me & Mr. K live in an apartment now which is quite hidden away from any main roads or houses. So no cute trick-or-treaters come to the door. The good thing about Halloween this year is the YSA house party that we went to. FUN. TIMES. Mr. K made a robot outfit from cardboard boxes and tin foil. A very crude creation but everyone loved it. Best costume there I think. And I went dressed as Where's Wally. Less creative but appropriate nonetheless.

Check out me & Mr. K in the background. Also worth note are the M&Ms, karate kid & thunderbird.

Speaking of costumes reminds me of a story that Mr. K told me a few days ago. We were discussing what we were going to go to this party and he told me about a time he went to a fancy dress child as a child. All his little friends were dressed as vampires and zombies and ghosts and things like that. Scary Halloween things. And do you know what Mr. K was sent as? His Mum put him in his church suit, but with the jacket & trousers of backwards and so back-to-front-man was created. Pure genius. That story absolutely cracked me up.

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