Sunday, 24 October 2010

Likes & Likeables

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about today and I came to the conclusion that I don't feel like I can fully launch into diary mode. I still feel like I need to introduce myself. So, after all that I am comes my likes and likeable. And there are probably a lot.
I like my husband. Well, I quite like him a lot more than just a like. But he's my first like. I like my Mum, Dad & brothers. I seem to like my brothers more and more as they get older. I think that's what happens with all siblings. You love them unconditionally right from birth but you grow to like them more and more as you all mature. I like my friends. I like giving nicknames to my friends and I like even more when they catch on.
I like the changing seasons. I like crisp autumn days that are bright with sun. I like the rain. I like to be inside whilst it rains. I like being snuggled up in a blanket on the sofa watching Ugly Betty. I like really getting into watching a series of something and buying the DVD so me & Mr. K can watch them all over about three days.
I like willow trees and photographs. I like melons and beads, chocolate spread on toast and pain au chocolats. I like the film Chocolat and I especially like the soundtrack. I like singing Robbie Williams with my Dad in the car. I like raspberry mousse with the crunchy seeds left in. I like cooking. I especially like cooking something new that Mr. K & I end up loving.
I like having pretty, matching sets of pyjamas. I like waking up in the morning warm and ready for the day. I like productive, full days spent in the library at university and I love lazy duvet days.
I like being hopeful and faithful and having something to truly believe in. I like doing random, nice things for other people. I like having people do nice things for me. I like learning new things and I like teaching new things to other people too.
There are lots of things that I like. And in hindsight, I'd like to change my first like, my husband Mr. K to an very strong, unequivocal, eternal LOVE.

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