Monday, 25 October 2010

1, 2, 3 things done today

Up until this point, when I'm full of stir fry and cuddled up on the sofa, today has been exhausting. Not exhausting in a way that has meant that I've got lots of my jobs done (and I do have a list of jobs as long as my arm) but exhausting in a way where I've just been on the go right from the moment my alarm clock went off. I wish I could remember what song it was that I woke up to today. (Just on a complete side note, don't you love it when you peel off the yogurt lid and the top of the yogurt is still in one luscious layer?!) Really, I've only done three things so far today.
1). I had a Relief Society presidency meeting. I can't wait until I know all of the sister in the ward. Actually, before that, I can't wait until I know all of their lovely names.
2). I did the food shopping. Oh how I love Asda. I spent a little too much today though. Probably because I bought thermal socks & tights. The weather is definitely starting to make these items essential.
3). A very, very long lecture about assessment and information sharing. Lots of case studies, lots of notes and lots of quite severe boredom. Actually, I exaggerate, it wasn't so bad.
And then I had a lovely chat with my Mumma while I walked back to my car in the glorious cool autumn sun. My Mumma is quite a remarkable woman.

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