Tuesday, 26 October 2010

After Eights & French

As much as I love After Eights (chocolate and mint together) have you ever considered that have another use.... Have you ever played the game, where you put an After Eight on your forehead and have to wiggle and manoeuvre your face so that it slowly makes its way to your mouth? It's a much loved game that we've played at many a family get together. The best thing about it is how funny it is when people can't really do it and have it on their face for so long that they get a lovely chocolate brown streak down their face. Less messily (and probably less funnily) you can play the same game with a pringle. But seriously, give the After Eight a try. Do people buy After Eights at any time other than Christmas? And possibly if there having a dinner party? Does any one just buy after eights as a chocolatey treat like they would with Malteasers or Minstrels? Just wondering.
On a more 'journal' type of note, today was another busy day. Long day spent entirely at university. Tuesday is French day. French language & inter-cultural understanding. I like them both. Hopefully I should find out tomorrow if I can go to France in January for a month to do my teaching practice there this year. How terrifying would that be? Teaching a class of French children IN FRENCH! They will probably run circles around me. But if I can teach a class in France, then surely there isn't any aspect of teaching in England that I can't do!
And now I'm back at home and I'm hungry. And I mean HUNGRY. But my lovely Mr. K is making me dinner. Even though he got home after I did. He is just lovely. And I just went into the kitchen and he's managed to make the gorgeously fluffy rice. Even more lovely.

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