Friday, 29 April 2011


Wills & Kate
Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes riding in a Royal carriage.

Da da da dum.
Da da da dum.
That's a wedding march in case you can't tell.
I think it's obvious, but whatever.

Today was the day. 
You know, the day that the whole country, probably the whole world has been waiting for.
It did not disappoint. 
 I even cried a little bit. 
(Don't judge, I'm a proud Brit)
I watched it full of pride and a little bit of jealousy.
I wish that I had thought of having trumpets and a choir of preteen angel voice boys at my wedding.
They were crazybomb awesome.

Her dress. Beautiful. And I mean beautiful.
I think her vail was my favourite thing actually.
No actually, it was the lace.
No, the vail.
The lace.
The vail.
The lace.
Definitely the lace.
And apparently she did her own make-up.
That makes me admire her 
(when I say admire, I possibly mean want to be her)
even more than already do. 

Now please excuse me, I have a street party to attend.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This is important

Do not ever, EVER cut chillies and then put your fingers anywhere near your eyes.
Bad, bad, bad things will happen.
And I'm not even joking.
I learnt this lesson the hard way.

While we're talking about important things, a word of advice for any butterfly/mothy creature haters in the Leeds area.
Never go to Tropical World. 
Well, by all means go, but avoid the butterfly house.
The butterflies just fly around all around you.
They come close to your face and if you have paranoid or dramatic tendencies you will constantly think that they are on your hair.
Even when they're not.

It is kinda cool though.
And when your looking at them through a lens and they're not flying towards your face or even moving at all, and even when they're brown, they're beautiful. 
It boddles my mind that they are so symmetrical. 

I admired this guy safely behind a nice, thick glass panel.
He's kinda funny looking. 
And has a hole in his head. (Why?)
But I don't judge.
Mainly because his head is covered in spikes and he has claws, (CLAWS)
and he could probably hurt me.

The meer cats where more my kind of thing. 
Granted, they're still not the prettiest of animals, 
but they were funny and not scary looking in the slightest.

In yet more important news, our friends Devin & Stacey had their baby today!
Baby boy Hudson Wayne Turner was born at 12:17pm, weighing a juicy 8lbs 12oz 
and we can't wait to meet him.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

4 day weekends are the bomb

The bomb diggity bomb. 
Four day weekends are even more rockin when you have two in a row.
The one just gone was a family fest
and the one coming is going to be a London road trip with our bestest buds.
I am so excited. Seriously.
Anyway, on with the weekend catchup.

 This is what happens when I try to be artsy...

 One of my beautiful nieces, Amellia. Did I mention that she's beautiful? Like a porcelain doll.
 Oh crud, another wannabe artsy photographer shot. How did this get here?

 My nieces and nephew are so freakin cute and so well dressed. 
I feel pressured to have uber cute stylish children. 
I think I will. (Don't worry though Mom, not for a while.)
As a little bubba Ross looked exactly like Jared.
Actually, a few weeks ago Ross told someone that Jared was so cute that if he showed them a picture they would want to disown their own children...

The best thing about where Ross grew up is the BEACH! Saweet. 
The sea was miles away though, which is a bag full of suckage because it was unseasonably warm and I wanted to swim. 
Well, I wanted to at least get my feet wet.

 I really liked the fact that my brother has this up in his bedroom. 
Rich will be old enough to go on his mission in two years. 
The thought of that makes me feel sad and old.

Did I mention that my brothers are STUDS? 
Also, Ross looks like he has a hunch back.
He doesn't.

I think green is Heavenly Father's favourite colour. 
It must be, right? 
How can there be so much green and it not be?

 I love how small Ross is in comparison with this picture. He's quite tall in real life.

 Ross suggested we had a competition to see who could throw the furthest. He also suggested that to even out the playing field, I could throw with my right hand and everyone else had to throw with the opposite hand to what they write with. This is a photo of my attempt. Would you be surprised if I told you that I still didn't win?

 I want to frame this photo. Even though I'm stood like a loser. 


Friday, 22 April 2011

The royal wedding

Erm, hellllloooo. The royal wedding is a week today. 
I think I speak for the entire country when I say that we are rejoicing.
Even the people that couldn't care two flying carrots about the royal family are rejoicing, 
because a royal wedding means an EXTRA BANK HOLIDAY!
And seriously, who would complain about an extra day off?
Only the lunatics and wackos.
And on this occassion I am neither, so I'm rejoicing!
Granted, I would rejoice even more if Wills & Kate
 (I find it strange, but I am not above popular culture, so I have no qualms with shortening William down to Wills) 
decided to do this as their wedding march.
They would be the coolest royals ever. 
Legends in fact.
So until next Friday, I live in hope. 

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Thank you to this massive tree. I just love how huge it is. It makes me feel so small. It's a perspective giving tree. You know, Ghandi style "nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it's important that you do it." BOOM. Perspective. 

Thank you to dried cranberries. You have made plain old cereal a little bit a lot better this week, because there is nothing worse than plain, old cereal. 

Thank you to this four day weekend that's about to happen. I know, a little premature to thank it before it's even happened, but what will there not be to love about time spent with family, at the beach, in the countryside probably consuming massive amounts of ice cream and fish and chips? Nothing.

Thank you to the bright pink spray paint that has made some of my photo frames look absolutely rocking. 

Thank you to guacamole. That's all.

Thank you to my Mom & Dad for believing the story I told them about a swarm of butterflies that flew into my house and stole an Easter egg. I love that even though I'm grown you still play along with me.

Thank you to the woman at Asda on Monday that just packed all of my bags for me without me even asking. I was completely capable of doing it myself, but I was grateful anyway. 

Thank you to the glorious sunshine. You've made our April uncharacteristically warm and you even make been stuck in traffic more enjoyable. Seriously. Also, dearest sunshine, we all love and appreciate you very much, so please stay for a bit longer. Actually, please stay for a lot longer.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Eton Mess: An exercise in assembly

We've already established that I have a healthy obsession with meringue.
Shop bought or homemade. I don't discriminate. 
So what do you get when you throw together some meringue, softly whipped cream, and strawberries?
Errrm, hello...the perfect dessert.
And honestly, it is so easy. 
Any idiot can do it. Including me.
It doesn't take any skill, or expert knowledge. 
You just need to be able to assemble. 
Which is easy peasy. 
Seeing as it's called Eton MESS, it doesn't matter if it looks like trash.
It'll still taste like something that's been sent down from heaven.

Ok, you have to know, strawberry jam isn't in the traditional recipe.
I just add it because I think it makes it taste even more lovely.

This is not a realistic portrayal of how delicious Eton Mess is. 
This photo focuses more of the mess part. 
But honestly, ever time I eat so much and my stomach gets so full I feel like I'm going to die.
In a good way.
If you can feel like you're going to die in a good way.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Driving range

Seeing as Monday night is family night and my family consists of me & Ross, we decided yesterday to go on a little date. Why not, huh? Because I am a sweetbomb wife, I let Ross decide that we were going to go to the driving range. Let me tell you, that would not have been my first choice. I am horrible at golf. Seriously. I can barely hit the little suckers. And when I do hit them, they misbehave really badly and don't go in straight lines. 

OuBJMN on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Oh, those few balls you can see about a yard in front of Ross' feet...they were mine. So when I say I suck at golf, I'm not being a drama queen or even exaggerating, it's just the honest truth. Ross was awesome. Even with a bad arm he still sent those balls rocketing. 

H8VYKA on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

So Ross was blates the bomb dot com at the golfy stuff and I wanted some photos I could use to make one of these little moving things I'm quite obsessed with, so before we went home I made him take pictures of me. Trying to be cute. I think I failed. You can look at the nice scenery in the background instead of at me if you'd prefer though. I won't be offended. 

Don't let me have fooled you into thinking I didn't have a good time. I laughed at myself so much, it was cheap as, we had one of those cheesy movie moments where Ross stood behind me and taught my how to swing properly and we ended it with ice cream. What's not to like? It was a freakin blast! 

I love to think about why they had to put number 5 in their list of rules...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Camera phone catch up

I've heard it said that the best camera is that one that you have on you. 
I don't doubt that that is completely true. 
But would you please take a look at these camera phone pictures and tell me that compared to my regular photos the quality doesn't make you a little bit sick. 
I should always, ALWAYS have my real camera with me and never be forced to use my camera phone.
But let's be realistic. I couldn't have used my real camera to take some of these photos. 
Like the precious (sneaky) photo of one of my lecturers and his sweetbomb neckerchief. 

Ross in his wedding suite. I'm going to brag and tell you all it's a Hugo Boss. (True story)
He is so freakin handsome. 

This is the photo that flashes up when Annie calls me. 
Check out the colour of her hands compared to her face.
She has the worst circulation. 

I have no idea what to say about this picture. 
An interesting/creepy fact about it though is that I remember I wasn't wearing any underwear when I took this. (HA!)
We'd been swimming and I went to the swimming pool with my cozzy on underneath. Being the dimwit that I am I forgot to take underwear to put on afterwards.

Again, not a clue what to say about this. And I don't even have an interesting/creepy fact to share either.

Emily had a spray tan. 
Compared to her I look like I have vampire skin. 

This is what happens when my brother lets me cut his hair. 
I would love to report he kept it this way. 
He didn't.
Well, actually my Mom wouldn't let him. I don't know why.

I don't feel like this needs an explanation. 
Basically, I love Friij, The chocolate brownie edition.

When Emily & I go to Pizza Hut, we have ice cream for dessert, and basically become ice cream artists. 
(In my head, I;m saying artists like arteests.)
 Costco. Precious Costco.
 I love Costco. Precious Costco. 
I would live in, precious Costco. 
If they let me. Because I love Costco. 
Precious Costco.

 Somehow, Ross managed to get a potato with cheese, beans, and chilli.
It looked disgusting. And it smelled disgusting. 
He liked it though.

I did this! I was so flippin proud! 
I'm not sure why we bought a dart gun & target. 
Sometimes our coolness is just inexplicable.

This is one of my lecturers. 
He is seriously cool. Seriously.
Check out his neck scarf. That is sufficient proof of him being coolbomb.

At Easer, we have hot cross bun scones.
They are saweet.

This is what happens when I leave Ross alone in ikea.
He didn't even move when children were hovering around...

I made this. And I am so proud of myself. 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sayin thank you

This photo has nothing to do with the post. I just like it. Kthanks.

♥ Thank you yesterday. You saw me hand in my assignment, which I am NOT sorry to see go and will NOT be missed, and you saw me do some pretty marvellous things in the kitchen. Thursday, you were good to me.

♥ Thank you to Adele. As in the singer. She is a soul mama. Set fire to the rain is my favourite song right now. I like to sing it as loud as I can and imagine that I sound like you. I don't, but it's fun. 

♥ Thank you to my new lipstick. You are the perfect casual shade of pink and go with everything. And even if you don't I'm going to wear you anyway.

♥ Thank you Ross. When I am full of self pity, you do things like this. Nothing makes me laugh more than when you your craziness takes dance form. You are da bomb. Diggity.  

♥ Thank you Chlo & Jar. We have spent so much time with you over the last few months. The boys play COD and we are best friends so we can just sit in silence and it's still nice.
 Thank you for always saying that everything that I make is delicious. It makes me feel like I'm good at something. 

♥ Thank you to the English countryside. You are so close by and natureish. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much green. 

♥ Thank you to Modern Family. You made me laugh a lot this week. 

♥ Thank you to my real life fam. I have so much love and happiness in my life because of you. Mom, Pops you are mainly crazy but I love you both a mazillion.