Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Driving range

Seeing as Monday night is family night and my family consists of me & Ross, we decided yesterday to go on a little date. Why not, huh? Because I am a sweetbomb wife, I let Ross decide that we were going to go to the driving range. Let me tell you, that would not have been my first choice. I am horrible at golf. Seriously. I can barely hit the little suckers. And when I do hit them, they misbehave really badly and don't go in straight lines. 

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Oh, those few balls you can see about a yard in front of Ross' feet...they were mine. So when I say I suck at golf, I'm not being a drama queen or even exaggerating, it's just the honest truth. Ross was awesome. Even with a bad arm he still sent those balls rocketing. 

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So Ross was blates the bomb dot com at the golfy stuff and I wanted some photos I could use to make one of these little moving things I'm quite obsessed with, so before we went home I made him take pictures of me. Trying to be cute. I think I failed. You can look at the nice scenery in the background instead of at me if you'd prefer though. I won't be offended. 

Don't let me have fooled you into thinking I didn't have a good time. I laughed at myself so much, it was cheap as, we had one of those cheesy movie moments where Ross stood behind me and taught my how to swing properly and we ended it with ice cream. What's not to like? It was a freakin blast! 

I love to think about why they had to put number 5 in their list of rules...

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