Friday, 29 April 2011


Wills & Kate
Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes riding in a Royal carriage.

Da da da dum.
Da da da dum.
That's a wedding march in case you can't tell.
I think it's obvious, but whatever.

Today was the day. 
You know, the day that the whole country, probably the whole world has been waiting for.
It did not disappoint. 
 I even cried a little bit. 
(Don't judge, I'm a proud Brit)
I watched it full of pride and a little bit of jealousy.
I wish that I had thought of having trumpets and a choir of preteen angel voice boys at my wedding.
They were crazybomb awesome.

Her dress. Beautiful. And I mean beautiful.
I think her vail was my favourite thing actually.
No actually, it was the lace.
No, the vail.
The lace.
The vail.
The lace.
Definitely the lace.
And apparently she did her own make-up.
That makes me admire her 
(when I say admire, I possibly mean want to be her)
even more than already do. 

Now please excuse me, I have a street party to attend.

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