Tuesday, 26 April 2011

4 day weekends are the bomb

The bomb diggity bomb. 
Four day weekends are even more rockin when you have two in a row.
The one just gone was a family fest
and the one coming is going to be a London road trip with our bestest buds.
I am so excited. Seriously.
Anyway, on with the weekend catchup.

 This is what happens when I try to be artsy...

 One of my beautiful nieces, Amellia. Did I mention that she's beautiful? Like a porcelain doll.
 Oh crud, another wannabe artsy photographer shot. How did this get here?

 My nieces and nephew are so freakin cute and so well dressed. 
I feel pressured to have uber cute stylish children. 
I think I will. (Don't worry though Mom, not for a while.)
As a little bubba Ross looked exactly like Jared.
Actually, a few weeks ago Ross told someone that Jared was so cute that if he showed them a picture they would want to disown their own children...

The best thing about where Ross grew up is the BEACH! Saweet. 
The sea was miles away though, which is a bag full of suckage because it was unseasonably warm and I wanted to swim. 
Well, I wanted to at least get my feet wet.

 I really liked the fact that my brother has this up in his bedroom. 
Rich will be old enough to go on his mission in two years. 
The thought of that makes me feel sad and old.

Did I mention that my brothers are STUDS? 
Also, Ross looks like he has a hunch back.
He doesn't.

I think green is Heavenly Father's favourite colour. 
It must be, right? 
How can there be so much green and it not be?

 I love how small Ross is in comparison with this picture. He's quite tall in real life.

 Ross suggested we had a competition to see who could throw the furthest. He also suggested that to even out the playing field, I could throw with my right hand and everyone else had to throw with the opposite hand to what they write with. This is a photo of my attempt. Would you be surprised if I told you that I still didn't win?

 I want to frame this photo. Even though I'm stood like a loser. 


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