Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Home slices

"Though we drifted apart, I still think of you as being right here. And although we have many new friends, it is our friendship that means the most to me."

Yesterday, these beauties came over to Leeds for une petite visit. It had been a while. Far too long in fact. But the thing is, with these girls I don't think any distance in time or space will ever matter. It's that kind of friendship. 

Me, Han & Soph were best friends pretty much from the moment that we met. I think that I was about ten years old. We were the private joke a minute, car wash ventures, shopping trips, sleepovers, code name givers, making up dance routines, smoothie making, boy obsessing best friends. You know the kind. 

Apart from the devastated journal writings of "I can't believe they've gone shopping together without me. I feel so left out." Which a few days later turned into "they were getting my birthday present and wanted to keep it a surprise!!" we were safe as house. (There's one of those private jokes I was talking about.)

Soph was the organised one that would plan what time we had to get up and schedule our time perfectly so that we were out the door when we needed to be. Because when your fourteen and your whole weekend revolves around going down Hillsborough, or to Meadowhall to buy a new top for the dance, having things perfectly timed is important! We would have never got anywhere without Soph writing down what time we would get up, how long it would take us to get dressed, how long it would take us to eat breakfast and all that jazz. Han was the complete opposite, and I fit** somewhere in the middle. 

We're all grown now, even though none of us feel like grown ups, and our friendship is different now. But yesterday, when we just sat in my living room and talked for a good few hours, it felt like although an awful lot had actually changed, nothing had changed at all. And that makes me happy. 

**I often think that the past participle of fit should be fat. As in "I definitely fat into this dress yesterday."

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