Thursday, 14 April 2011

Delights of the lemon variety

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  1. General appreciation of pastry based desserts. Check.
  2. Slightly greater appreciation of anything citrusy and/or zingy. Check, check.
  3. Slight obsession with meringue. Especially homemade ones that are crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and stick to your teeth when you chew them, aka the perfect meringue. CHECK.
I handed in the most awful assignment that I have ever had the serious misfortunate of writing today. It was a 3,000 worder on research methods and ethics... Oh what, sorry, I just dozed off a little bit thinking about how boring it was. 

Anyway, after handing it in, I came home and took the afternoon off. I felt like I deserved it. I spent it reading Eat, Pray, Love, which is wickedsick by the way. Actually i take that back. Wickedsick gives a completely wrong impression of the book. Inspiring joyness is more like it. On with the list of stuffs I did... cooking, drinking posh juice (something fruity and sparkling drank from a wine glass constitutes posh juice for me) and baking. Can we say practically perfect? All together now, practically perfect. Apart from having to start the meringues over twice, because the tiniest little bit of yolk somehow crept into the bowl, which meant that the whites wouldn't stiffen, which my friends, is basically a meringue disaster. That was a really long sentence. Soz. Anyway, then when I'd made a good meringue mixture I then go and leave them in the oven for a minute too long. I know you were being polite when you pretended you didn't notice that my meringues in the picture were a little browner then they should be. I appreciate you trying to spare my feelings, but honestly there's no need, they were excellent. 
I might have actually even eaten two just to prove a point....

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