Tuesday, 12 April 2011

(Almost) 30 photos

Some of my honeypies are doing this 30 photos thing on the book of faces, and I've decided that I'm going to join in. 

In a side note, a used chilli in the dinner I made tonight and even remembered to wash my hands after so I didn't make anyway where sting if I touched it with my red hot fingers. I just rubbed my eye. Turns out I should have washed my hands twice. It burns.

♥ someone you spend a lot of time with
I feel like this is a boring choice, but I'm sorry,
 I live with the boy, so of course course course I spend a lot of time with him.

♥ a picture of you
I've never had some many pictures taken of me in one day, 
so thee ol' wedding day seemed an obvious choice.

♥ a random picture of you and your sig. other
This photo just always makes me laugh.

♥ an old picture of you
I knew how to rock the double denim ten years ago. 
Ohhhh yeah.

♥ a picture of your siblings
Obvs my Dad isn't a sibling, but just roll with it, k?

♥ a picture that you've never posted before
I can't think why I've never posted this before.
It is pure GOLD!

♥ a picture of someone you miss
Grays, France is a long way away.
I look forward to your sweet return this summer.

♥ a picture of people you know now and then
These sugarplums will always be my home girls. Fact.

♥ a picture of your favourite place
This place means that I can be with my loved forever.
That's right. For.Ever.

♥ a person you can tell everything to
Chlo. My best friend. She is a complete rockstar/clean freak and I love her.

♥ a picture of your everyday life
Just messing around with the hubs. Standard.

♥ a picture from a place you love
Haworth. Possibly one of the quaintest most picturesque places in all of England.

♥ a picture that reminds you of great times
Montpellier, Janurary 2011. 
Teaching in a French primary school. 

♥ a picture of one of your favourite foods
Baklava. I crave this sweet, syrupy, nutty goodness all, the, time.

♥ a picture from the best day of your life
Obvious choice. Cute, cheesy, gag whatever.

♥ a picture that always makes you laugh
It's just hilarious creepy. Ross might kill me for this.

♥ a photo from a great night
A trip to the fair in my first year in Leeds. 

♥ a picture of the people who are closest to you
Obscure angle, but housies for life. I love these girls.
Also, I'm taller than all of them. Even when they wear heels. Story of my life.

♥ a picture of your parents when they were your age
I don't have one of both of them on my laptop.
Nice hair Mom. (Ha!)

♥ a picture from last summer
Oversized sunnies at the Colosseum. Perfecto. 

♥ a picture of you on your favourite vacation
I loved the Caribbean. 
And I love how deliciously brown it made me.
And I love how cute my two younger brothers look in this picture. 

♥ a picture of your closest friend
Obvious choice.

Ok, so I didn't quite do all thirty. Ross is giving me evils because he wants the laptop, and I didn't have photos for some of them, so I just cut them out. 

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