Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Eton Mess: An exercise in assembly

We've already established that I have a healthy obsession with meringue.
Shop bought or homemade. I don't discriminate. 
So what do you get when you throw together some meringue, softly whipped cream, and strawberries?
Errrm, hello...the perfect dessert.
And honestly, it is so easy. 
Any idiot can do it. Including me.
It doesn't take any skill, or expert knowledge. 
You just need to be able to assemble. 
Which is easy peasy. 
Seeing as it's called Eton MESS, it doesn't matter if it looks like trash.
It'll still taste like something that's been sent down from heaven.

Ok, you have to know, strawberry jam isn't in the traditional recipe.
I just add it because I think it makes it taste even more lovely.

This is not a realistic portrayal of how delicious Eton Mess is. 
This photo focuses more of the mess part. 
But honestly, ever time I eat so much and my stomach gets so full I feel like I'm going to die.
In a good way.
If you can feel like you're going to die in a good way.

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