Monday, 18 April 2011

Camera phone catch up

I've heard it said that the best camera is that one that you have on you. 
I don't doubt that that is completely true. 
But would you please take a look at these camera phone pictures and tell me that compared to my regular photos the quality doesn't make you a little bit sick. 
I should always, ALWAYS have my real camera with me and never be forced to use my camera phone.
But let's be realistic. I couldn't have used my real camera to take some of these photos. 
Like the precious (sneaky) photo of one of my lecturers and his sweetbomb neckerchief. 

Ross in his wedding suite. I'm going to brag and tell you all it's a Hugo Boss. (True story)
He is so freakin handsome. 

This is the photo that flashes up when Annie calls me. 
Check out the colour of her hands compared to her face.
She has the worst circulation. 

I have no idea what to say about this picture. 
An interesting/creepy fact about it though is that I remember I wasn't wearing any underwear when I took this. (HA!)
We'd been swimming and I went to the swimming pool with my cozzy on underneath. Being the dimwit that I am I forgot to take underwear to put on afterwards.

Again, not a clue what to say about this. And I don't even have an interesting/creepy fact to share either.

Emily had a spray tan. 
Compared to her I look like I have vampire skin. 

This is what happens when my brother lets me cut his hair. 
I would love to report he kept it this way. 
He didn't.
Well, actually my Mom wouldn't let him. I don't know why.

I don't feel like this needs an explanation. 
Basically, I love Friij, The chocolate brownie edition.

When Emily & I go to Pizza Hut, we have ice cream for dessert, and basically become ice cream artists. 
(In my head, I;m saying artists like arteests.)
 Costco. Precious Costco.
 I love Costco. Precious Costco. 
I would live in, precious Costco. 
If they let me. Because I love Costco. 
Precious Costco.

 Somehow, Ross managed to get a potato with cheese, beans, and chilli.
It looked disgusting. And it smelled disgusting. 
He liked it though.

I did this! I was so flippin proud! 
I'm not sure why we bought a dart gun & target. 
Sometimes our coolness is just inexplicable.

This is one of my lecturers. 
He is seriously cool. Seriously.
Check out his neck scarf. That is sufficient proof of him being coolbomb.

At Easer, we have hot cross bun scones.
They are saweet.

This is what happens when I leave Ross alone in ikea.
He didn't even move when children were hovering around...

I made this. And I am so proud of myself. 

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