Thursday, 21 April 2011


Thank you to this massive tree. I just love how huge it is. It makes me feel so small. It's a perspective giving tree. You know, Ghandi style "nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it's important that you do it." BOOM. Perspective. 

Thank you to dried cranberries. You have made plain old cereal a little bit a lot better this week, because there is nothing worse than plain, old cereal. 

Thank you to this four day weekend that's about to happen. I know, a little premature to thank it before it's even happened, but what will there not be to love about time spent with family, at the beach, in the countryside probably consuming massive amounts of ice cream and fish and chips? Nothing.

Thank you to the bright pink spray paint that has made some of my photo frames look absolutely rocking. 

Thank you to guacamole. That's all.

Thank you to my Mom & Dad for believing the story I told them about a swarm of butterflies that flew into my house and stole an Easter egg. I love that even though I'm grown you still play along with me.

Thank you to the woman at Asda on Monday that just packed all of my bags for me without me even asking. I was completely capable of doing it myself, but I was grateful anyway. 

Thank you to the glorious sunshine. You've made our April uncharacteristically warm and you even make been stuck in traffic more enjoyable. Seriously. Also, dearest sunshine, we all love and appreciate you very much, so please stay for a bit longer. Actually, please stay for a lot longer.

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