Saturday, 2 April 2011

Welcome to April

Happy April Fools day! I'm not sure why I just wished you a happy April fools, because nobody does that! Not in a real life anyway.

Aside from that, I hope nobody got fooled too badly. 

I was planning on pulling a few cheeky tricks but my own forgetfulness stopped me. I was going to call Ross when I got home from dropping him off at work this morning and telling him that someone had crashed into me. But like I said akready, I forgot. Good job too, because apparently he wouldn't have found that funny. No sense of humour that boy. And I planned on tricking my friends into thinking that I was pregnant too, but when I got to institute got so busy eating pancakes that I just forgot that too. Completely. It must have been all of the maple-y sugary goodness that distracted me. 

I've made a promise to myself though, that next will be spectacular. 
If I remember that is. 

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