Wednesday, 6 April 2011

True Brit

In Britain there's an unspoken rule about how to conduct yourself if the weather is sunny and it's over 15 degrees. Regular footwear is exchanged for flip flops or sandals. You wear shorts. Or a skirt or dress. Obviously it depends on your gender. Either way, anything other than trousers. You must have a pair of sunglasses somewhere on your person. If your a young teenage boy, or sometimes even if your a middle aged man, you walk around in public places with no tshirt on. (I'm not much of a fan of this one) You eat outside at every opportunity and have a BBQ. 

A lot of foreign people can spot a Brit a mile off. In a warm (even only a slightly warm) foreign country, the Brits will be the ones wearing shorts and sunglasses and the locals will be the ones still wearing coats and lots of layers. Maybe some people think that this isn't a good stereotype, but another thing about us Brits is that we're realistic. The weather in Britain is at best occasionally pleasant. Rain and cloudy skies are the bread and butter of British weather. 

So like today, when the sun is shining gloriously, the breeze is perfect and it's actually warm, we make the most of it. Every time. We're happy about, we smile at stranger and we even appreciate it so much that we blog about it. Maybe the last part is just me, but whatever.

Just as a side note, isn't the place I had my wedding reception (the place in the picture) absolutely beautiful? I think so.

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