Saturday, 2 April 2011

Boring but pleasant post

This last half an hour has been perfect. The kind that reminds you to live, rather than just exist. It hasn't been anything spectacular, it's just been lovely. 

We arrived in Grimsby to the mellow sunshine and gentle heat of an English spring day, so we sat out in Momma & Poppa K's front garden, on their little wooden bench and just enjoyed the fresh air. There's something about the air when you're near the sea. It's different. It feels like it fills your lungs just that little bit more. 

So whilst we were doing nothing other than just sit, Momma K told Ross to go and get a fork to turn over some soil in the garden. It was more than obvious that she meant a garden fork, but Ross being the joker that he ever tries to be waltzed out with an eating fork and starting hacking away at the soil. That kind of obvious funny really makes me laugh. So then Momma K turns the hose onto Ross, which just made me laugh even more. 

And now I'm still sat, enjoying the sun and the air, Ross is cleaning the car and periodically air guitaring, we're listening to The Eagles - Hotel California and just generally absolutely LOVING life. 

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