Wednesday, 27 April 2011

This is important

Do not ever, EVER cut chillies and then put your fingers anywhere near your eyes.
Bad, bad, bad things will happen.
And I'm not even joking.
I learnt this lesson the hard way.

While we're talking about important things, a word of advice for any butterfly/mothy creature haters in the Leeds area.
Never go to Tropical World. 
Well, by all means go, but avoid the butterfly house.
The butterflies just fly around all around you.
They come close to your face and if you have paranoid or dramatic tendencies you will constantly think that they are on your hair.
Even when they're not.

It is kinda cool though.
And when your looking at them through a lens and they're not flying towards your face or even moving at all, and even when they're brown, they're beautiful. 
It boddles my mind that they are so symmetrical. 

I admired this guy safely behind a nice, thick glass panel.
He's kinda funny looking. 
And has a hole in his head. (Why?)
But I don't judge.
Mainly because his head is covered in spikes and he has claws, (CLAWS)
and he could probably hurt me.

The meer cats where more my kind of thing. 
Granted, they're still not the prettiest of animals, 
but they were funny and not scary looking in the slightest.

In yet more important news, our friends Devin & Stacey had their baby today!
Baby boy Hudson Wayne Turner was born at 12:17pm, weighing a juicy 8lbs 12oz 
and we can't wait to meet him.

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