Monday, 11 April 2011

Notes on a Busy Weekend

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Ok, so I've been busy. Could you tell? I've been trying to write (an awful) 3,000 word assignment on (the most boring subject ever) research methods, whilst still having a life. It's been kinda hard, but don't feel sorry for me, I have rather dramatic tendencies. Anyway, for me to keep some kind of a hold on my sanity, something had to give, and unfortunately, it was you, dearest blob. But I'm back now, so all is well. I've missed you. 

So here's a quick little update. I'm sure this is an obvious thing to state and the more astute among you might even go as far to say duh, but each point relates to the pictures above. In the same order. Altogether, duhhhh. 

I like to whip my hair back and forth. Willow style(ee). 

Let me tell you the (random) story behind this picture. I was doing some of the washing up on Friday (you have to know that there's a window right in front of the sink that looks out onto the shared gardenish of my apartment building), minding my own business, and this little boy pops outside and presses his face right up to the window. I've never even seen this boy before, so it was really weird. He stares at me for a few seconds and then bobs down out of sight. I carry on washing up, slightly bemused and then up he pops again with a dandelion in his hand. He reaches up to my open kitchen window, not saying a word or smiling at all and pushes the dandelion through into my kitchen. And then he ran off. I wasn't sure if he was trying to be annoying or sweet. Or weird. 

This is Ross showing just how obsessed with COD he is. (A LOT!) He even pretends to use the hoover attachment as a gun. Also, he obviously has the imagination of a seven year old. 

A random photo from our little date down by the canal yesterday afternoon. We walked past the place that Ross proposed to me and had a very cheesy, lovely moment. 

Photo from the same little canal date. I caught Ross right at the pinnacle of his turny, leapy, jumpy trick that I ask him to do at least once every three days because I love it so much.

An old picture of me & the hubs before we were even engaged. Also a photographic dedication to my well missed long hair. We found this little gem while we were preparing our little workshop for a fireside last night. Actually, we found a few old pictures. They were all too embarrassing to share. Sorry!

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