Wednesday, 30 March 2011

In an ideal situation

I spent the most part of this evening dreaming. 
Normally I save this kind of mind wandering for when I'm in bed 
and playing at being an insomniac because it helps me to fall to sleep.

I would love, LOVE, to live in a cutesy cottage like this. 
Well, like this bit with a few adjustments. 
I'd like a wooden front door that is painted in a bright colour 
and a garden that has lots of flowers 
(ideally magical ones that would take care of themselves.) 
Inside I'd like real oak wooden floors, 
lots of lamps and 
twice as many cushions. 
I'd like an double oven and a gas hob 
and a fridge that dispenses ice and cold water. 
I'd like to have coloured walls and walls covered in pictures. 
(For me pictures and photographs are different things.) 
But I would like to have lots of photos everywhere. 
Of my babies, my brothers, my Mom & Dad, my nieces and nephews, 
my in-laws, my friends, my hubs (and me) and my holidays. 
I would like book shelves that are full of books that I've actually read and that I love. 
And finally, 
and this one is most important, so listen carefully, 
I would like lots of juicy squidgable babies 
that will grow up to be noble prize winners/rockstars/poets/astronauts. 

Actually, scratch the growing up to be noble prize winners blah blah blah part, 
I would just like to have juicy babies 
that grow into curious children, 
pleasant teenagers 
and then happy adults. 
Is that last part too cheesy? 
Did I take it too far? 

Anyways, if I'm going to dream, I might as well dream big, right?

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