Thursday, 17 March 2011

St. Patricks Day

Officially, today is called St.Patricks today. By me however, it's been called various different things. St. Paddys day, Ireland Day, Irish Day, Potato Day & St. Kathryn's Day (because she's the only Irish friend I have, so I celebrate her.) 

I've never celebrated St. Patricks day before. But today I even wore green, hugged an Irish girl, sang B*Witched & Ronan Keeting songs and said 'power shower' a few hundred times. (Power shower are the only two words I can say with a remotely Irish accent by the way.) I even made a St. Patricks day drink. I say made a drink, it was just lemonade with green food colouring in it. But I felt like it helped me to get in the spirit. I was close to dancing a jig at one point.

I'm not even Irish. (I kind of wish I was so that I'd have a sweet, sweet accent though.) Actually, I've never even been to Ireland before. That's kind of a sad thing I suppose. That I celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland more then I do when it's St. George's turn for a party. I don't even know when St. George's day is! I'm a terrible Do we say Englishman or English person? Or would I say Englishwoman? You know, because I'm a girl. That's how bad of one I am! I don't even know what I'm called. Oh, I'm going to upload some pictures and go to bed before I start to cry out of sheer shame and seeming lack of patriotism.

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