Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rule Britannia

Today it rained. A lot. And it was super ridiculously windy. Super ridiculously crazy windy. No exaggeration. I got to university this morning with my hair stuck to my face and my clothes and shoes wet through. If there's one thing I hate it's sitting in soggy clothes and having wet socks. Boo.

On days like today it's really easy to wish that you were somewhere else. I do. I pine for warmer, sunnier days/places where you can just go out in a tshirt (obviously I wouldn't only wear a tshirt, that might not sufficiently cover my unmentionables), wear sandals and have a genuine reason to wear sunglasses. Sometimes, on days like today I like to think of moving to America. I'd probably be a cheesy stereotypical Mormon and move to Utah. That would be ridiculous though, because it snows a lot there and probably rains a lot too. But I don't know for sure, because I've only ever been once and it wasn't in the winter. It was when I was ten years old and I don't even remember much of it. 

But I sometimes like to think about it anyway. But then I think too much and realise that I would miss England. A lot probably. Do you think that your heart would pine for the rain if you lived somewhere that was sunny all the time? I think eventually it would. 

There are lots of things that I would miss about England. I'd miss fish and chips and English money. I'd miss all the green spaces and English accents. But it would be fun to live in place where an English accent is different and not just the norm. It'd be nice to not be an average Joe(sephine). I'd miss Radio1, Asda and reruns of Catchphrase & Topgear. I'd miss people's politeness and there inability to complain or kick up a fuss in public. I'd miss my family (maybe this one should have come first) and I'd miss Next & Primark. I'd miss Dairy Milk chocolate, wine gums and ribena. I'd miss being close to Europe and I'd miss being able to send free text messages to my friends. I'd miss Orange Wednesdays and I'd miss pub lunches. I wouldn't like having to think about the time difference when I want to call home and I wouldn't like how much it would cost to buy tickets to come back. I would miss Dime Bar milkshakes from Shaky Jakes, which is the coolest shop in all of Headingley. Actually, I would just generally miss Shaky Jakes. I think that I would even miss the Queens Christmas speech. Not that I've ever watched it, but if the option's no longer there I might....maybe. I would miss seeing things like this

And places like these. They are so quintessentially English looking. 

Hmmm. Now that I've thought about it, maybe I'll just put up with the rain and stay put.


  1. Dave and I love watching catchphrase repeats- we go against each other- I am AWESOME!! Sometimes I just think they're sooooo stupid... in the nicest way possible of course :) hehe xx

  2. The sun always shines in Sheffield so you could always move here.... Pops xxx