Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Boo turned woo

Sometimes, when you feel sick and a little bit sorry for yourself, 
when you've had a long day and 
feel like you haven't achieved anything over than managing to successfully breath 
and when you feel absolutely discouraged, 
you just need to take a minute, 
pull yourself together and 
remind yourself that things aren't so bad. 

For me, today was a day that was mostly full of self pity. 
But then I got home, took a nap, had a scrummy ummy umpkins dinner made for me, had a bath, ate a pop tart and had my hair played with 
and I felt much better.

Then I remembered that first that I got on my assignment last week 
(first first ever), 
the goodies that my fridge is now full of after my Mom & Dad came over, 
the kids at school saying how our project (the perfect pizza) 
was the best one they've ever done before because they get eat it afterwards,
 that my ironing basket is completely empty, 
and this poorly spelt sentence from a kid that cracked me up 
"one of my hobbies is insests and my favourites are aunts."

Then I realised that my day wasn't so bad, 
and that I actually have a pretty sweet life.
 It's all about the little things you know?

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