Monday, 21 March 2011


Maybe when I was about fourteen years old, give or take a year, I was walking with my best friend Hannah whilst she delivered her papers and we made a plan. Our plan was this: next summer go on holiday to Italy, specifically Rome, stay in a tent, see all of the famous sights and enjoy the warm Italian sun. Just the two of us. No family, no adults, no supervision. But guess what. Our parents said no straight away. They said there was absolutely no way we were going abroad for a week by ourselves and staying in a tent. At the time I felt so hard done to, but in hindsight, I can appreciate how ridiculous of a request it was. But ever since then I've really, really wanted to go to Rome.

So when the Mr. & I got engaged, there was no way I was letting him convince me that we were going anywhere other than Rome for our honeymoon. 

The tragic thing was that when we got there my camera battery was dead. Pft. Completely and utterly lifeless. And the even more tragic thing was that I'd forgotten the charger. And the most tragic thing was that I made Mr.K come with me whilst I spent a big chunk of a day finding a shop that would sell a charger. We never found one. (We did find the most amazing gelateria mid search) So all of our honeymoon pictures are taken on a camera phone, which at the time I resented massively, but now I'm grateful we have any pictures at all. 

So, for your viewing pleasure, Mr. & Mrs. K hit up Rome, July 2010.

P.S Can you tell that I couldn't think of anything to write today?

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