Friday, 25 March 2011

A (waste of time) theory

Ok guys, humour me. Just for a little bit. I'm conducting a little experiment you see. My experiment is based on a theory that I heard on Radio 1 a few days ago, and seeing as though it was true in my case, I decided to investigate further. 

The theory goes a little something like this... Generally, (I like to generalise) in a relationship, one member (member?) of the couple will do the majority of the driving. Again generalising, I'd expect that it's the man. Am I right? That's not the theory by the way. So, we've established that someone in the relationship normally does the driving. Now, according to the theory, said member of the relationship will sleep on the drivers side of the bed. Do you follow me? Imagine your bed is a car (you can even imagine that your driving to Tesco if you'd like), does the driver sleep on the same side of the bed as the steering wheel would be?

Mr.K does. And he's the driver. 
Need I say more? The theory is proven.

Actually, I'd be kind of interested in seeing if it's right for anyone else. Do your sleeping/driving arrangement prove my theory? 

Mr.K caught me right while I was in the middle of explaining the theory to my Mom & Pops. Nice

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