Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cream Scones

My (practically perfect) Saturday went a little something like this....
- Wake up at nine and snooze for about half an hour while I squeeze up really close to Mr. K's warm morning body.
- Have the longest shower ever, ever and leave only the littlest bit of hot water for the hubs.
- Drive out to Ilkley, which is the prettiest place ever and look like a real keen bean taking pictures of everything with my bestest bud Chlo.
- Visit a little tea room that is run by the sweetest old dear. She's completely rushed off her feet and it takes about half an hour for my homemade lemonade and scone to arrive (said lemonade and scone are in the picture), but the wait is worth it. At this point I feel possibly more English than I ever have in my whole life. It's good. 
- Very, very unsuccessfully try to find some hidden treasures in the Ilkey charity shops, but fail. Entirely. There were no treasures or bargains to be had today. 
- Stop off on the drive home to take some pictures for Chlo. I did a good job. 
- Feel insane amounts of gratitude for the insanely beautiful part of the country that I live in.

- Laugh at Chlo when she starts freaking out thinking that she's going to be blown away by the wind when she's stood on top of a tiny, little boulder. 
- Pick up Mr.K & Chlo's hubs and drive over to Xcape where me meet up with Jake & Emma. 
- Play a weird round of 3D mini gold that makes me feel sick, very warm and disorientated. 
- Try to decide where we want to eat, but all revert to acting like five year olds and can't make a decision. So we rip out the list of restaurants from the Xscape map, fold them up and choose one at random. Although the first three that we chose were completely disregarded, so we just kept picking until there was one that we wanted. We ended up at Bella Italia and it was goood. 

- I would personally recommend the Godfather dessert. It's ice creamy, brownie-y, chocolatey, toffee-y, wafery, vanilla-y goodness was simply heavenly.
- Came home with Chlo & Jar, bought face masks (which Mr.K got in his eyebrows & whiskers!) and watched Frankensteins Wedding. 
- Now I'm in bed and basically falling asleep. Your lucky this post is even hap..... Zzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. I love this. And I love you. It was the perfect saturday. No question. :) xx