Friday, 4 March 2011

List of Happys

When I woke up in the during one of the small hours of the morning and couldn't get back to sleep I compiled a little lists of happys that had happened this week. I might even call them my weeks splendipities. When I couldn't think of what to write today I decided to share them. Maybe it will become a bit of a featureish. 

Here are some highlights. Highlights of the weekly kind, not the hair kind. 

1. Banana pancakes with cinnamon syrup. 
2. Somebody finally asking where my top was from and finally being able to answer "oh, I got in it France." Ooh la la. 
3. Mr.K not being able to hide my secret Easter egg any longer. 
4. Wearing homemade Chinese lanterns on your head. 
5. Having my ipod on shuffle and waking up to the greatest song ever. (Drops of Jupiter by Train.
6. Using the words splendipities, even though it probably isn't a real word.
7. A full eight hours of sleep.
8. Being able to wear my sunglasses for reals. 
9. Organising my crepe party. At last.
10. My Mom's voices when I've finally realised my phone is ringing after she's called me about 17 times and she says "Webecca, where have you beeen?"

Have a splendid weekend!

Image from paper tissue.

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  1. I don't know what you mean 'webecca' :-). Xxx