Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pancakes/Crepes/Batter-y Goodness

Who can not love a day that is completely dedicated to the consumption of pancakes? Seriously. I mean, some flour, milk, eggs, some lemon juice and sugar, and bam (BAM) the perfect pancake. According to me anyway. Actually, I tried a new combo today which could be a contender. A serious contender. Baked apple and toffee sauce. Try it, embrace it, love it.

Today was a rather excellent pancake day. We had a little bit of a Montpellier reunion/crepe party chez moi. I made approximately 7,000 pancakes, but only about 25 of them turned out to be crepe party worthy, so I had to eat the rest of them before my dear Frenchies arrived. (And I wonder why I am at this present weight!) They basically all got lost trying to find my apartment, just like everyone coming here for the first time does. But when they did arrive they were armed with toppings and fillings and it was quite wonderful. Did I mention the apples and toffee sauce already? Oh I did? Sorry, but it was really good, and I needed to mention it again. 

Check out the flip on that! BAM!
The only slight downside of this specific pancake day was what I'm going to refer to as the Great Batter Disaster. This is what went down. I'm making my 8000th pancake, oh wait, I only made 7000. I'm making my 5000th pancake and I have to move onto my next bottle of batter. (I put the batter in a bottle so it's easy to shake and easy to pour.) I pick it up, it appears that the lid is on the bottle. It's not. Not really. It's placed on, not screwed on. So, I've picked up the bottle, not checked the lid and I give it an almighty shake. Batter. Went. Everywhere. My clothes, my arms, my hair (a little bit), the floor, the hob, the cupboards, the counter top. Like I said, the Great Batter Disaster. 

Results of the Great Batter Disaster: Change of clothes & a sad face.

Is Pancake Day celebrated all over the world? Sorry if that is a really dumb question. I know it's a Christian thing and is do with lent and Christ's forty days of temptation in the desert, so that rules out a lot of Eastern countries and such. Perhaps I'll just rephrase my question. Do they celebrate pancake day in America? Could somebody please tell me? Because if they don't, I definitely think that they should. Saying that, they have ihop, which is pretty much an everyday celebration of the glorious pancake. 

I love pancakes. Just sayin. 

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  1. They celebrate it in lots of countries- France, South America, Sweden etc- they call it Fat Tuesday- and in France it's Mardi Gras :) (we did a pancake day quiz with the Faith in God kids last night :) But I'm not sure about americans-I'll ask the missionaries tonight! So sad about your disaster :( but all sounded very tasty!! xx