Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Craughing without the laughing

Sometimes I feel sorry for Mr.K, because sometimes, inexplicably, I go crazy. Not crazy in a wreck the house whilst screaming kind of way and not crazy in a sit in the corner rocking kind of way, but crazy in a suddenly hysterical kind of way. 

This morning we were having a cheesy young married couple moment (no funny stuff) and both fell backwards over the sofa laughing. (See the above picture of our legs in the air.) Then still joking around making fun of me, even with one arm in pot, Mr.K managed to push me off of the sofa. I landed in a heap on the floor in a position that frankly any breakdancer would have been proud of. We should have taken a picture of it. It was amazing. Now, you might not think it from the way that I'm writing, but it was at this point I became hysterical. My body was resting on my neck and shoulder and I just started to cry. It didn't even hurt but I cried and cried. I couldn't move because my body was just in such an awkward position and that made me cry even harder. Whilst I'm just laying there crying Mr.K is so very desperately trying to pick me up. With one arm. And I just carried on crying. Well actually, by this point I was sobbing. My body was shaking with each sob and I just laid there clueless as to what the heck was happening to me. 

I eventually moved. And eventually stopped crying. And then felt really stupid. Mr.K is used to me craughing (see number 47 of this post) but that kind of hysteria only normally originates from laughing solidly for around two minutes. This one just came out of nowhere. Unannounced and unexplained. The mind boddles. 

All credit to Mr.K, he handled it very well. Whilst he might have been thinking that I was a nutcase, which would've in this instance been quite a fair assumption, he was very loving and just hugged me. In fact, since he's been at home with his arm in pot he's been the epitome of the perfect husband. He keeps making me drinks, even though he has to open the bottle with his mouth and he swaps over the head on our electric toothbursh so that I don't have to. Is this too cheesy? Am I being too cheesy? One more, he rubbed my knee when it was being naughty the other day even though he's supposed to be the patient. I'll stop now. Just suffice it to say, he's great.

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  1. Really liked reading this... It's what makes marriage great. Becky and I have the same sorts of things that make each other think the other is the most amazing other :o)

    Great blog Mrs K