Tuesday, 14 December 2010

99 truths...

1. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
2. This means that I'm a Mormon. 
3. My middle name is Kate.
4. I want to have an even number of children. 
5. I want to have four children. At least. Ideally, not four girls and not four boys. A nice healthy mix.
6. I go on facebook too often. 
7. I'm actually finding this quite difficult. And I'm only up to seven. And I suppose this one doesn't really count.
8. I got an A in French at GCSE. I was probably the most pleased with that grade than any other grade ever.
9. I have two earliest memories - I don't remember which came first. 
               a). I'm jumping on the sofa in the house with the blue carpet, wearing dungarees and eating rolos.
               b). I'm blowing out candles on a birthday cake that has Winnie the Pooh & Tigger on it.
10. While I'm on childhood memories, I used to want to be Peter Pan.
11. When my first brother Richard was born, and my Dad told me I had a baby brother, I said "Yay! I have a baby brother. Wait, is that a little boy or a little girl?!" (I know now brothers are boys and sisters and girls.)
12. I will never be skinny, because I eat too much. Maybe I could settle on slender. I would like that. 
13. I wish that I still had long hair.
14. I can't go to sleep unless I have a drink by the side of my bed. I rarely drink it in the night though. And I never used to do this before I got married. 
15. I will probably never go back to using a PC. I love my Mac like a member of the family.
16. I love to cook.
17. And I love cook books. I probably have more cook books than regular books. And I always want to buy more.
18. Nigella Lawson is my idol.
19. When I eat a banana, I always throw the two ends in the bin. I don't ever remember having eaten them.
20. Sometimes I tell Mr.K that he's been snoring for ages when he's on the first snore. You have to nip these things in the bud. (What does that saying even actually mean.)
21. Sometimes when I speak out loud (especially with people I'm not too comfortable with yet) I stumble over my words and get embarrassed.
22. I don't like answering my mobile when it's a withheld number.
23. I've discovered in the last month that I like my steak medium.
24. I sometimes think that I really want to move to Utah and have a massive family.
25. My favourite colour is purple.
26. My three dessert island items would be Mr.K (oh I know, I am such a sweetheart), a TV with skyplus and crumpets with butter. 
27. I remember that I learnt the word trepidation when I was in year 6, from Mrs. Butler.
28. I once prided myself on the fact that I knew the first names of all the teachers at my primary school.
29. I'm at university getting me a degree in primary education so I can be a teacher. (And I will keep my first name a secret from everyone!!!)
30. I get a bit annoyed when people start a word with a capital in the middle of a sentence for absolutely no reason.
31. My spelling is not great. (I just had to correct spelling from speeling. That was a typo though, not really a spelling mistake.)
32. I like to think that I'm organised. In reality, I'm probably not.
33. I dream of having dinner parties and cooking for all of my friends. 
34. I'm a worrier. 
35. I love the Harry Potter series. I almost wish that it was real.
36. It really annoys me when people don't indicate.
37. Someone has to do an awful lot to make me dislike them.
38. I don't understand why anyone would ever choose to eat a bounty when other chocolate bars are available.
39. I don't like the snow. (Maybe you already knew that.)
40. I wore braces for a very long four years. 14-18. Bad times. I have lurvely teeth now though.
41. I want to have my teeth whitened.
42. Sometimes (a lot of times) I want to eat even when I'm not hungry. (See number 12)
43. I like to have painted nails.
44. I don't like my feet, more specifically my toes.
45. I don't like to take paracetamol. Like, I have a headache right now, but would rather just moan about it a little bit rather than take a painkiller. I only take them if I really hurt.
46. I have Osgood-Schlatter disease. (Doesn't that sound awfully serious?!) It doesn't hurt so much nowadays, but sometimes it hurts really bad.
47. If I laugh really, really hard sometimes I start to cry. Well, sob. Uncontrollably. Mr.K calls it craughing. (Crying + laughing. Clever, huh?) It's a bit strange, but cathartic too.

I'm getting very tired. I know 47 is a strange number to stop on, but I will resume tomorrow. 

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