Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I didn't quite get to 99 yesterday...

48. I sleep with two pillows a night.
49. I get really freaked out by scary films. Even ones that are only a little bit scary.
50. I probably have the neatest lecture notes that you will ever see. 
51. My hometown is Sheffield. All of my family still lives there.
52. I'm a hair twiddeler. 
53. I watch too much TV,
54. I miss my friend Grays. She's in France for a year. 
55. It's a Christmas tradition in my family that we can't go downstairs on Christmas morning until Dad has gone down and turned on the lights on the tree.
56. There are two things I can guarantee about Christmas. Firstly, I will get a chocolate orange. Secondly, I will eat more cheese wrapped in bacon things than anyone else in my entire family. Those things are my favourites.
57. I feel like I get a lot of knots in my back. I have one right now. On my right shoulder. 
58. I've never learnt how to dive. 
59. When Mr.K is ill, I think that he exaggerates a lot and isn't as ill as he makes out. Maybe he doesn't do this intentionally. Maybe it's just a trick of his mind. Maybe I just don't give him enough sympathy.
60. I have a best friend called Hannah. We are the kind of best friends where we don't see each other too often, but we're still best friends anyway.
61. I might make it one of my new years resolutions to take more photographs.
62. I will also make it a resolution to learn how to use my camera properly. 
63. I like to highlight things. 
64. My favourite dessert is probably pavlova. Anything with cream and meringue is good in my book.
65. When I was about 10 years old I started to write a book about a girl that had an evil step-dad that also happened to be her teacher. I never finished it.
66. I wish I had a sister. Although I wouldn't trade one of my brothers for a sister.
67. One day, I really hope to go to South America. 
68. History absolutely fascinates me.
69. If I had a time machine I would definitely go back to the 1920s. They were so glamorous back then.
70. I had never read Pride & Prejudice or Jane Eyre or Emma or any of those classic books. 
71. Actually, I have read Wuthering Heights, but I don't class myself as having read it, because really I studied for my English A-level, I didn't finish it and I didn't really like it. I didn't like the film either.
72. In my A-levels, for media I got the highest grade in my whole college. (Yes, I am boasting here. I don't do it often.)
73. I started to learn to play the piano when I was younger, but begged my Mom to let me quit because I hated practising and didn't want to do exams and grades. She let me quit but said that I would always regret. (You were right Mom.)
74. I have nine cousins. 
75. I hope that my children have more then nine cousins. 
76. I have blue eyes. (Did I write that last time? I don't remember.)
77. I wish the Mr.K would turn down the TV because he's playing on cod and all I can hear are guns and people dying.
78. I don't think that I have a favourite book or a favourite song.
79. I've probably seen every episode of Friends. I can quote a lot of it. 
80. When someone first told me that my star sign was cancer, I got really scared and thought that that meant that I would get cancer...
81. My favourite pizza topping is bacon and sweetcorn. Or BBQ chicken. Maybe BBQ chicken, bacon and sweetcorn is my true favourite.
82. I would choose chocolate over sweets most days. 
83. My Dad used to be a funeral director. Mr.K is a funeral director too.
84. I'm 5"9. Taller than the average girl. I like it that way.
85. My favourite word in French is pomplemousse. It means grapefruits.
86. I think that keep is a very strange word to look at and moist is a good word to say.
87. I have a picture on my bedroom wall that say 'keep calm and carry on.' I like it a lot. It reminds me to keep calm and carry on.
88. About six months ago I decided that I only wanted to own nice matching pyjamas. 
89. Mr. K & I went on our honeymoon to Rome. I'd wanted to go there since I was approximately 13 years old. Me & Hannah made mental plans to go together but her Dad said we were too young to go on holiday by ourselves. He was probably right in hindsight.
90. I'm very proud of the fact that every light in my house now has a lamp shade.
91. I have no preference between Dairy Milk & Galaxy.
92. When I'm in the car I listen to Radio 1.
93. When I become a grandmother (long way off I know) I want to be called Nana.
94. I can remember the very first time that I counted up to 100.
95. Sometimes when my knee hurts, if I hit it, it hurts less.
96. I most often wear the colour blue.
97. I have perfect eyesight.
98. I like writing my blob.
99. All of these things a true. Probably. I don't remember what I wrote yesterday...

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