Thursday, 9 December 2010

Time Well Spent

Ho, ho, ho!
Maybe I should have spent this week working on an assignment that I have to hand in a week tomorrow. It's a 3000 word-er. I've written approximately...300 words. (A tenth of the way through. Go me!) 
Instead, I'm sat in a wooden cabin (which, if I'm honest is probably a little bit nicer than my actual flat. Mr.K agrees.) surrounded by snow in the depths of Sherwood forest. This cabin even has a sauna. That's right, A SAUNA! I feel like I'm living in the lap of luxury. Well, I say this having only used the sauna once. I went in for fifteen minutes and honestly felt like the air was so hot that I couldn't breathe. And helpfully (maybe, maybe not) it's oh so nicely open all my pores and drawn out all the nastiness. But hey, at least I'm hidden away in the middle of the forest and there aren't many people here that I know to witness it. 

Anyway, while I should have been writing my assignment, which feels like the thing I should be focusing my time and attention on, I've been doing other things. Things which are much more enjoyable that writing an assignment. So I will consider it not to be a waste of time, putting off the things that I should really be doing, but instead, time well spent. Very, very well spent. 
Here's a break down. 
Approximately I've spent.....
9 hours in the swimming pool.
27 hours sleeping.
15 hours (maybe more) reading.
6 hours playing games.
Half an hour doing my nails & my Mom's nails. (Me-pastel purple. Mom-forest green)
1 hour walking through the snow.
15 minutes in the sauna.
1 hour in the bath.
Half an hour picking out and eating my favourite Quality Streets.
15 minutes taking photos. (Approx. 1 minute getting a picture of Father Christmas. Yes, he obvs hangs out here too. See below.)
And finally....0 hours & 0 minutes doing my assignment. 

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