Monday, 27 December 2010

The Flashing Lights of Christmas

This was taken last Christmas. I like this photo.

This Christmas has been a memorable one. Well, a memorable one and a not so memorable one. Some of this Christmas has been just like every other Christmas. I consider this to me a good thing. Family, carols, decorations, food, presents and lots of reruns on TV. Typical Christmas. And there isn't anything wrong with a typical Christmas. In fact, it's predictability is one of the comforts of Christmas. The jolly, merry surety of it all. 

Well, for me & Mr. K this Christmas was the start of a new Christmas groove. With it being our first as a married couple. We have to balance ourselves between our two families and make time to start a few new traditions of our own. That is no easy feat I tell you. 

So, we spent a quite Christmas morning by ourselves, opening our presents and drinking a cold Coke from a glass bottle. (This is one of our traditions) Then we hot footed it over to Grimsby, where all of Mr.K's family lives for Christmas dinner. Momma K sure knows how to organise a dinner. She said dinner is at 12, and it was. Almost exactly. That woman has a talent for organising dinners. After we'd had dinner, a few more presents, a chat and a nap me & Mr.K left for Sheffield. And this is where the memorable (memorable as in what happened was not part of the usual Christmas groove) portion of Christmas took place. On the way out of Grimsby, as we casually drove along, listening to the Glee version of O Holy Night, we see blue flashing lights in the rear view mirror. We got pulled over. On Christmas day! We were certain that we weren't speeding. And obviously we weren't drunk. The car is insured and all of the lights work. So, after Mr.K had spent 10 minutes sat in the police car and after he'd done a breathaliser that can back at 0.000 they sent us on our way. I was terrified. That was my very first run in with the police. And I wouldn't like it to happen again. So when we eventually got to Sheffield, we had more food, more presents, more family and more games. Comfortable Christmas. 

And now that Christmas is over I'm starting to get nervous about going to France. Christmas was the big event that stood between me and going to France. And now Christmas is over. So France is the next thing. Je dois apprendre francais rapidment. 

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