Monday, 13 December 2010

Life's Little Joys

Sometimes I wake up and say to myself 
"today I will experience joy." 
(I think that if joy were a colour, it would most definitely be yellow.) 
And I do. Sometimes I wake up and even though I don't say it, it still happens. I consider myself to be truly blessed because of that. Because let's be honest, who doesn't want to have a bit of joy in their daily lives? 

This weekend was one of those glorious times where it just happened without me saying it to myself. This last weekend, two of my delicious nieces came to stay with Mr.K & I and they really, really, really, really brought me joy. I don't think that it would be too much of an exaggeration (well, maybe a little) to say that they are practically angels. If I had a Christmas tree, (in fact I would need two Christmas trees) I would spray them with gold paint and put them on top as beautiful life size decorations. 

Not only did there presence bring a little extra joy to my life, but they helped me remember some other little joys. Maybe you think it's a bit over the top (OTT!!!) to label the following list as joys, but I'm ever the optimist and I'm all for embracing life's little pleasure. Plus, little things please little minds. 
Away, here are some of my weekend joys...

1). Using giant comedy straws to drink peach squash. Using them with two girls under 10 makes it a much more acceptable thing to do.
(Which, please note, is my second favourite flavour squash. My first favourite flavour is white grape & peach. I think you can only buy it from Asda.) 

2). Going to COSTCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love that place. All of the exclamation marks are absolutely necessary. I love Costco so much that I even have a special song that I sing when we go. Maybe I'll teach it you some time. In a whole post dedicated to my love of Costco. Is that going too far?

3). Using those pictures that have a hole for you to put your face through. We went to the Royal Armories museum and they had one for King Henry VIII & for Queen Victoria. Ella is 7 (the one in this King Henry picture) and she very graciously corrected Mr.K when he thought that this was a different King. She is a genius at just 7 years old!

4). Giving out nicknames. Ella is already fondly called Ellabombella by the family, so I can't claim points for coming up with that one. Caleah didn't really have a nickname, so I decided to start calling her Ca-lee-lee. She smiled when I said it the first time, so I'm going to roll with it and see if it sticks. In fact, I'm going to make it stick. 

5). I went to the institute Christmas carol concert last night. Christmas songs bring me joy. Christmas songs been sung by some of my best friends brings me even more joy. After it had finished, I caught up with Angela (nickname: Fantangela. A fusion of the words fantastic and Angela. Genius.), Annie (Annie Apples) and Katie (Cakey). Angela is an absolute crack up. And she is the Queen of co-ordination and accessories. (They should make a picture of her with a hole for you to put you head through.) I used to live with Annie & Katie. I obviously don't now. I live with Mr. K...he is my husband after all. But I count them in my nearest and dearest. And they certainly bring me joy. Joy, joy, lots of joy. 

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