Thursday, 30 December 2010

Curly Nannan

On this day, this very exact day ninety years ago a baby girl was born. Constance Eileen. Although by the time I came to meet her, I would never refer to her as Constance or Eileen. (She does generally go by Eileen though.) No, no, to me she would be Curly Nannan. 
Curly Nannan on the left, regular Nannan on the right.

In 90 years you have seen a lot of life. Heck, you lived through World War 2. You were the same age as I am at that point. I imagine that it must have been a very hard time, but not you - you remember it differently. You fondly say that you had a lovely war. I think that that's funny and I love you all the more for it. 

You've had three darling children, three darling grandchildren and and six even more darling great-grandchildren. That makes you a Great-Nannan in name and in nature. 

Your great grandchildren.
You looked after me when I was but a slip of a girl. You and Curly Grandad. I remember days spent at your house watching Bewitched and classic old musicals. I remember marvelling at your video collection and how completely organised and arranged it was. Still is. I remember your film fair treasures and your stories of meeting the man that played Darth Vader in Star Wars. I remember you taking me to dancing classes and tumble tots. I remember you making egg and chips for everyone. The famous Egg-and-Chips.  But not for me, because I don't like eggs, so I would always get bacon and chips and I thought that this was brilliant. You told me the stories to Treasure Island and Tom Sawyer, the great classics. I completely accredit my love of books and reading to you. In fact I'm sure that I would be entirely different had I not had such a sweet Curly Nannan to dote on me.

My memories of these times are fresh in my mind and heart and I'm grateful that today, on your 90th birthday, we get to have a party and all tell you how we love you and make yet more memories with you to carry in our hearts. We love you. I love you.

Happy birthday Curly Nannan. 

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