Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monsters Inc.

Mr.K/the monster
Yesterday, I told (really, it was more of a gentle informing) Mr.K that he snores. I've woken him (more like a gentle nudge) in the night a few times before to ask him to roll onto his side so that he'll stop. He always graciously obliges. And the next day if I ever mention that he snores he politely refuses the information. 

Mr.K has always prided himself on the fact (obviously not a true fact as I've discovered) that he doesn't snore. He would write to me whilst he was on his mission moaning and complaining about the fact that his companion's snoring terrorises him every night and stops him from sleeping. He would say that it (along with people that make munching noises whilst they eat) are the most annoying things ever. And he was glad and quite proud of the fact that he doesn't do either. Supposedly.

Well, I have discovered that this is entirely untrue. He snores like a trooper. I told him this yesterday and played for him a recording that I'd made, so that he couldn't deny it anymore. It was a prime example. A doozy some might say. So he admitted it. He accepted it. Then he apologised.
"I'm so sorry Becky. 
I'm exactly the kind of person the hate. 
I'm a monster."

Well, maybe that was taking it just a little bit too far. He might be a monster. A snoring monster. But he's a handsome monster, so I'll keep him anyway.

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