Friday, 17 December 2010

Winter Blues-ish

I am a lover of Spring, a lover of Summer and a lover of Autumn. Specifically (or pacifically, depending at which point of my life you knew me) I love Summer. I love long lazy days in spent lounging in the sun enjoying its gracious warmth. I love getting up when it's light outside and really feeling like you can make the most of the day with it's bounty of sunny hours. I love being justified in wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream from cones with chocolate flakes and sweet, sticky strawberry sauce.

I like the hope of Spring. The sheer optimism that warmer times are coming.

And I love the cozy, crispness of Autumn. Winding down from the Summer hype and chilling out.

The bright sparks among you will have noticed no mention and no appreciate of Winter. That's because I don't like the snow, sleet, slush and ice. I don't like getting up in the morning when it's still dark and I don't like getting home in the evenings with it being dark still. (I would never survive in Alaska!!) I don't like how the combination of the cold of the air and warmth of the central heating dries out my skin. And I don't like having a runny nose and cold.

I think it's quite clear that I'm not a fan of Winter.

Well, that ever so slightly changed today. And seeing as the snow is coming back maybe tonight or tomorrow, I thought I better immortalise my slightly cosier feelings towards Winter before the snow makes me forget.

It wasn't anything special. I took a walk up to the post box and forward on some mail for the woman who used to live in my flat and while I was walking, it was cold. Cold. Minus temperatures. But as I was walking I took in a big, big deep breath. The kind where you feel like you couldn't possibly hold anymore air in your lungs. But the air was cold. Really cold. So cold it felt a little painful to hold so much in my lungs. But it made me feel so alive.

And I enjoyed it so much that I took a major detour on the way home and walked through the park. The grass was crunchy under my feet. And people were all wrapped up in cute hat and scarf combos. Walking their dogs. I don't really like pets but I wouldn't mind a dog to walk.

So, today, while we have no snow and it was just a cold, crisp Winters day.

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