Friday, 31 December 2010

Feelings Shmeelings

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post.
But it is for my dearest Annie's honour/viewing pleasure. In large.
When I woke up this morning I still felt sleepy. I'm not sure if I still felt tired or if it was just a sleepy feeling. Because they are two very different things ya know? Either way Mr.K drove himself to work and I went back to sleep. 

When I woke up again I felt just a tinsy winsy bit bad that while Mr.K got up and got ready for work I blatantly rubbed my lie in right in his face. His stubbly face. (Shave off your goatee dearest, you know I don't care for it!)

Then I marvelled at how soft the new bed sheet feels. It must be a like a zillion thread count. (At least!) Actually, I'm quite sure that that doesn't even exist, but seriously, this sheet is softer than any other sheet I've had the privilege, nay honour, of owning. 

After I'd done a few other menial, housewifery duties, I went into the living room and it was cold. So cold that I could feel it in my bones. So cold that it made my fingers slow when I was sending a text. So I turned on the heater, put on a cardigan and wrapped myself in a blanket on the sofa and I got to think. Thinking about feelings. And my mind boddled*. 

(As a side note, I know the phrase isn't the mind boddles. It's the mind boggles. I'm not stupid. But I like to say the mind boddles to see if anyone notices my mistake. I also sometimes say congrads or congradulations for the same reason!)

But my mind boddled because feelings are such peculiar things. Peculiar and precious. Feelings help us to remember that we're truly alive. We have physical feelings. Like feeling cold or hot. Or feeling ill, tired/sleepy or full of energy. I think that these feelings are straight forward enough. It's easy to recognise that you physically feel cold or ill. The tricky ones are these emotional types. Feeling angry or excited is pretty straight forward too I think. But what about when we feel hurt, or lonely or anxious? Strange feelings. I wonder if they are the same for everyone?

I'm all for sharing feelings. It's how we get to know ourselves and other people better. And there's little that is more meaningful than making profound connections and friendships with people. 

I'm not too sure what to think about this post. It's more thoughtful than my usual style. I feel a bit self conscious about putting it out there for the whole world to read. Not that I'm deluding myself into thinking that the whole world even reads this...

* Something else that boddles my mind is thinking about colour. Well, how we perceive colour. I've always wondered if we all see the same colours. Like when I look at the grass, do I see the same colour or shade of green as Mr.K does? Or do we both see different colours which we know to be green, because we've be told that the colour of grass is green. My mind is spinning in circles right now. Is your mind boddled too? Maybe I will write more about mind boddling some other time. 

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  1. i know what you mean about colours... like when you see the negative image of a photograph and wonder if that is someone else's 'normal'? i totally get you.