Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Away

This is day three of the BIG FREEZE! (Brrrr!) Or is it day four? I'm not sure. Staying inside for a number of days (3 or 4) can do this to a person - make them completely unable to distinguish one day from another. So they all (un)happily roll into one. I think I'm starting to get cabin fever. 

There is one tender mercy though. Mr.K hasn't been into work for the last 3 (or 4) days either. Hurrah for the 11 hour rule! (Don't know what that is? I'll explain some other time.) So we've staying inside our little, warm flat. We watch films and make food. I read/write blobs and he plays on his ps3. It works for us. 

Yesterday I had a break down. Just a small one. I was feeling particularly convicted in my disliking of snow and right then, it was snowing really bad. We'd tried to dig out our car with no success. We'd tried to shovel enough snow off our car park and steep, steep hill, and we'd tried to put some grit salt down to melt the snow. Guess what, no success. By then, I had cold feet, cold hands, cold ears, a cold nose and a cold head. So I had a little bit of a dramatic moment (I wanted to be an actress as a child you know) and I had a little cry. In hindsight, it was a little ridiculous. Mr.K said he had to try really hard not to laugh at me. I'm glad that he didn't. 

Once I'd had my...shall we call it a 'moment' we decided to go and buy supplies. From where we live, if you walk for about five minutes in the right direction you come to a little corner shop. This is where we went for our supplies. You might think that going out to buy supplies in the snow is a very sensible thing to do, and you might expect that a person buying supplies would buy things like bread, milk and other 'essentials'. Well, not us. Our supplies were to keep our morale up. Well, this is what Mr.K & I said. Realistically, I think that they were to make sure that I don't cry again. And I think that that is just as good.
We bought...
  • Chips (and might I add, BBQ rib is probably our new favourite flavour.)
  • Dip - obviously, which dipstick (I found the use of the word dipstick highly amusing here) would buy chips with no dip. Unless you already have dip..
  • Snack a Jacks
  • Pancake mix
  • Strepsils (sensible)
  • Peanut M&Ms
  • Dairy Milk & Galaxy
  • A newspaper & a magazine (which was trash if I'm honest.)

Money well spent. The weather forecast says tomorrow will be snow free. I think that sometimes the weather man guess or lies, so that we don't all go insane or get depressed. I live in hope of its accuracy. 

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