Monday, 28 March 2011

Colins & Percys

I'm not going to hide it and I'm not going to lie. I love sweets. (Marks & Spencer do the best gummy sweets in the world!) And chocolate. And generally all things that are bad for you. And I'm a firm believer in having a little bit of what you want when you want it. 

Ross agrees with my sweet rationale. Problem is, Ross thinks I want sweets too often, so he devised a sneaky little plan. He would watch me come home from the supermarket and watch me unpack the food, then when I'm not looking, he'd secretly move the sweets out of the cupboard and into his secret hiding place. I hate the hiding place. Correction. I hated the hiding place. Until I figured out where it was. Right on the top of the kitchen cupboard, which is just a little bit out of my reach. Not when I stand on a chair though.

One day last week I made the fatal mistake of swiping something from his secret stash right in front of him. I'd forgotten to keep up the pretence of still being clueless about the hiding place. So to my absolute mega dismay today (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!), when I went to help myself to some Percy Pig's, there was not a single packet to be found! Devastated. 

A very upfront and threatening (on my behalf) quick fire text conversation followed. 
Me: Where are the sweets?!?!?!?!?! (No kisses)
Ross: Muhahahahaha! Somewhere in the kitchen.
Me: Don't you get all muhahaha on me. I could make your life a misery! Also, I've looked all over the kitchen already.
Ross: Could we do something with Chloe & Jared tonight?
Me: Absolutely! But don't think I didn't notice the swift change in subject. Sweets. Now. If you don't tell me or I haven't found them by the time you get home I'll be sugar coating your unmentionables!

He's a very brave/lucky man. I found the sweets. They were about 10cm away from the original hiding place! My need for sugary goodness hindered my eyesight. So all is right with the world. I got to have a little sugary fix and I eliminated another hiding place in the kitchen. (There aren't that many places left for him to hide stuff now! Muhahahahaa) 

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