Monday, 7 March 2011

The little things

My foot still hurts. A lot. 
I keep having very bad/strange dreams.
I have a 3000 word essay to write as well as work for other modules.
I need to have my eyes tested because 
first thing in the morning and before bed my eyes go blurry.
Mr.K vommed at the weekend.
And I'm having a (very) bad hair day.

But, I'm having a crepe party.
I'm going into school tomorrow and the kiddies make me laugh.
My ironing basket is empty.
Mr.K & I just had an hour long, excellent skype 
double date with our favourite people in France.
I have Costco (precious Costco) cookies in the kitchen.
My nail varnish hasn't chipped yet.
Mr.K used his one good arm to hoover & dust whilst I was at university today.
And even though I forgot to take my list to Asda, 
I remembered everything that I need to buy.

Generally, life is hard, there's lots to things and things get busy. 
It would be so easy to have a bad attitude and only see the bad(ish) stuff. 
But it's all about the little things.
The little things that make life not only manageable, but enjoyable.
That line was cheesy. 
I'll finish.

Photo by me:taken in Montpellier, France


  1. You've uplifted my whole crappy day xxx

  2. Oh, that comment is a nice little addition to my list of happys. Maybe it wasn't as cheesy as I thought then?

  3. Awww Im so sorry your footsie still hurts!! 1. Think maybe you might want to go get your eyes tested,I got a lot of visual blurriness..Sad times. Then I had to wear my gigs ( glasses) all the time..2. Loving all your positives, it really is the small things that count the most in life. 3. I went to Costco yesterday-I did think of you! :) xx