Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The day that Orange announced it's 2-for-1 cinema deal was a blessed day. I wasn't even an Orange customer back then, but I still knew that it was a blessed day. I celebrated by only eating orange coloured food every day for the following week. (I hope by this point in our friendship you know that I'm joking.)

The day that Orange announced it's 2-for-1 Pizza Express deal was an even more blessed day. I'd never even been to Pizza Express back then, but I still knew it was a blessed day. I celebrated by only eating pizza every day for the following week. (Joking again, but more believable I think.)

Today I went on a little (double) date and for the first ever time in my existence I made the most of the blessed Orange 2-for-1. That's right. We went to the cinema and to Pizza Express. In that order. 

I enjoyed the film. The Adjustment Bureau if you're wondering. It took a while to get going and had quite an undramatic ending, but it was an enjoyable 106 minutes of my life. Pizza Express was the highlight. Correction, the dough balls from Pizza Express were the highlight. Their dough-y ball-y goodness has enriched my life tremendously. Especially because when you have a 2-for-1 code, they give you two lots of dough balls for free. FOR FREE. Its that important it needed to be capitalised and put in it's own sentence. Seriously, try the dough balls. And tell them that I sent you. Also, as another little point to note, if you don't like gorgonzola, don't get the Da Morire Romana, (it is not to die will only understand the hilarity of that comment if you understand Italian - Google it) its covered in the stuff. Just to state, I didn't know that I don't like gorgonzola before today. Although it is a fun word to say. Gorgonzola. You can't help but feel like an authentic Italian when you say it. Altogether now, gorgonzola. 

Anyway, point of the story is, if it's Wednesday and you want to go on a typical date (dinner and a movie) the only way to do it (cheaply) is go with Orange. Blessed Orange. I might celebrate by only eating orange coloured pizza for the rest of the week. Is that going too far? 

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  1. Dave and I quite literally live round the corner from this amzingness of a Pizza Express- we are IN LOVE with one of the waiters :) we also HATE one of the other ones... but oh well.. we can overlook that when the dough balls are delivered!! I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!! And we shall have to meet up for a orangey wednesday because I NEED to see your face more- in a non stalkering way of course!! xx